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AFCP Forum on Management of oilseed rape diseases and pests, June 16th 2021

Oilseed rape is a major arable crop globally. However, its yields are threatened by disease and pests. This forum will describe research on strategies to manage such diseases (e.g. light leaf spot, phoma stem canker, clubroot, turnip yellows virus) and pests (e.g. cabbage stem flea beetle). Much of this research is funded by agricultural charities who are members of AFCP.

Registration is free. Follow this link

If you would like to present a poster, please contact Graham Jellis

Please find attached the programme  for the Agri-Food Charities Partnership Oilseed Rape Forum.

You are warmly invited to attend, either virtually or in person, and a link to register your preference can be found on the AFCP home page