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Devendra Kumar YADAVA
Last name : YADAVA
First name : Devendra Kumar
Entrance year : 2021
Occupation : Brassica Breeder since 1996 Presently Assistant Director General (Seed)
Company : Indian Council of Agricultural Research - ICAR
Birthdate : 1966/04/10
Address : Department of Agricultural Research and Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India Room No. 101, Krishi Bhawan, 110001 New Delhi / India
Main fields of interest :
  • Seeds, genetics
  • Nutrition
Professional experience : Brassica Breeder since last 25 years including 19 years at Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi. Six years as Head Division of Seed Science & Technology at IARI, New Delhi. Presently ADG (Seed), ICAR, New Delhi since Feb. 2017. Research: Contributed in the development and release of 21 varieties (mustard-18; pulses-3). Early maturing mustard varieties viz. Pusa Mustard-25, Pusa Mustard-27,Pusa Mustard-28,Pusa Mustard-26 and RGN-145 have provided greater choice to farmers under changing climatic scenario. Bred six low erucic acid varieties viz., Pusa Mustard-21, -22, -24, -29, -30 and -32; and two Canola quality varieties Pusa Double Zero Mustard-31 and -33. PDZM-31 being country’s FIRST Canola quality variety. Devised and refined various protocols for phenotyping. IARI bred Indian mustard varieties have touched to more than 40% area in India. Contributed in the development of state seed rolling plans leading to enhanced seed and varietal replacement rates. Recognitions • Fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences since 2015 • Rafi Ahmad Kidwai Award – 2017, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi • Dr. B.P. Pal Memorial Award, 2012, Indian Agricultural Research institute, New Delhi • National Academy of Agricultural Sciences Recognition Award-2018, • Dr. P.R. Kumar Brassica Outstanding Scientist Award 2017, Society for Rapeseed and Mustard Research, Directorate of Rapeseed Mustard Research, Bharatpur.
Education : 1. B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. (1987) from Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar with all agricultural subjects and secured First (OGPA 3.53/4.00, 77.0%) division 2. M.Sc. (Ag.) Plant Breeding (1990) from CCS HAU, Hisar with Plant Breeding and Genetics & secured first (OGPA 3.70/4.00, 84%) division 3. Ph.D. (1993) from CCS HAU, Hisar in Plant Breeding (Seed Technology) with First (3.89/4.00, 87.8%) division
Selected publications : Total publications in peer reviewed journals having International Impact Factor = 90 (80 of them on Brassicas) * Saroj Ranjit, Soumya S.L., Singh Satbeer, Sankar S Mukesh, Chaudhary Rajat, Yashpal, Saini Navinder, Sujata V., Yadava Devendra Kumar 2021. Unravelling the relationship between seed yield and yield-related traits in a diversity panel of Brassica juncea using multi-traits mixed model Frontiers in Plant Science (Plant Breeding section) * Kumari P., Singh K.P., Kumar S. and Yadava D.K. 2020. Development of a Yellow-Seeded Stable Allohexaploid Brassica Through Inter-Generic Somatic Hybridization with a High Degree of Fertility and Resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Frontiers in Plant Sciences 11:575591. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2020.575591 * Azadvar, M., Barnwal, V.K. and Yadava, D.K. 2009. First report of 16SrIX (Pigeonpea witches’ broom) phytoplasma associated with toria (Brassica rapa cv. toria) phyllody disease in India. Plant Disease Reporter 20: pp1. * Sharma BB, Kalia P, Yadava DK, Singh D and Sharma TR. 2016. Genetics and molecular mapping of black rot resistance locus Xca1bc on chromosome B-7 in Ethiopian mustard {Brassica carinata (A.) Braun}. PLOS One DOI:10.1371/journal.pone152290 * Yadav M.S., Godika S., Yadava D.K., Ahmad N., Mehta N., Bhatnagar K., Agrawal V.K., Kumar A., Thomas L. and Chattopadhyay C. 2019. Prioritizing components of package of integrated pest management in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) in India for better economic benefit. Crop Protection 120: 21-29. * Saini N, Yashpal, Koramutla MK, Singh N, Singh S, Singh R, Yadav S, Bhattacharya RC, Vasudev S and Yadava D.K. 2019. Promoter polymorphism in FAE1.1 and FAE1.2 genes associated with erucic acid content in Brassica juncea. Mol Breeding 39:75 * Parida S., Yadava, D.K. and Mohapatra T.* 2010. Microsatellites in Brassica unigenes: Relative abundance, marker design and use in comparative physical mapping and genome analysis. Genome53: 55-67 * Saini N, Singh N, Kumar A, Vihan N, Yadav S, Vasudev S, Yadava D.K. 2016. Development and validation of functional CAPS markers for the FAE genes in Brassica juncea and their use in marker-assisted selection. Breeding Sciencedoi:10.1270/jsbbs.16132. * Singh D, Dhar S and Yadava D.K. 2011. Genetic and pathogenic variability of Indian strains of Xanthomonas campestrispv. campestris causing black rot disease of crucifers. Current Microbiology 63: 551-560.