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Dianrong LI
Last name : LI
First name : Dianrong
Entrance year : 1996
Occupation : Breeding
Company : Hybrid Rape Research Center of Shaanxi
Birthdate : 1938/10/30
Address : Province Yangling, Xian City, 712100 SHAANXI PROVINCE / China
Main fields of interest :
  • Seeds, genetics
  • Fertilization
  • Agronomy
Professional experience : Working in Hybrid Rapeseed Research Center of Shaanxi Province from 1969 to now.
Education : Graduated Northwest College of Biological soil, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Selected publications : 1、 the breeding and utilization of the CMS Shaan2A in brassica napus. Li dianrong, Liu gongshe.. GCIRC bulletin,1997,N014. 2、 Research on the selection and utilization technology of yellow-seeded coat hybrid rape in brassica napus.L. Li dianrong, Tian jianhua. The treatisem collection of 10thinternational rapeseed congress Australia,1999. 3、 Research on technology of analysis and identification of seed purity of hybrid rape cultivar ---“qinyou No.2”using isoenzyme spectrum. Li dianrong,Xia yongzhang,Wang baoren. 4、 Genetic research on the selection of male-sterile triline in Brassica napus .L Lidianrong. Xia yongzheng. 5、 The breeding technology study and germplasm innovation on super-high oil content in B.napus L. Li dianrong,Tian jianhua ,Chen wenjie Zhang weiguo Li yonghong Wang hao.The treatisem collection 13thinternational rapeseed congress Czech 2011. 6、 Research and utilization of genetic breeding of hybrid rapeseed, Li Dianrong Tian jianhua. Proceedings of The Annual Meeting and Symposium of Sino-Canadian Rapeseed Project P23-29 1994. 7、 Hybrid rapeseed male sterility and approaches of heterosis utilization. Li dianrong Tian jianhua Zhang wenxue He yutang。The treatisem collection of international symposium on rapeseed science 2001 , Wuhan. China. 8、Rapeseed Productionin China. Li dianrong Tiang jianhua, GCIRC bulletin,1998,N015.P31-36. 9、Hybrid Seed Production in Rapeseed.Li Dianrong,Heterosis and Hybrid Seed Production in Agronomic Crops,Chapter 8,P217-260, Editor Amarjit S.Basra ,Food products Press ,New York,1999.