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GCIRC Bulletins

Bulletin 3, 1987

Message from the Secretary GCIRC NewsMembers' ListOilseed Growing in Different CountriesRapeseed Cultivation in FinlandUnto TULISALO, Finland (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 11-13) Oil Crop Cultivation in Sweden in 1985Gösta OLSSON, Sweden (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 14) Le Colza en SuissePierre VULLIOUD, Switzerland (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, pp 15-16) Report on rapeseed breeding, agronomy and plant protection, and product uses in Britain, 1985K.F. THOMPSON, UK (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 17-20) Breeding spring turnip rape for marginal conditionsSimo HOVINEN, Finland (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, pp 21-23) Winter rapeseed breedingMichel Renard, France (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 24-25) Factors limiting yield of winter oilseed rapeC.J. RAWLINSON, UK (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 26-27) Winter growing of oil-rapeseed / Results from…

Bulletin 2, 1986

This issue contains all communications presented in the framework of our Technical Meeting, Cambridge , UK, July 1985

Bulletin 1, 1985

Letter from the Secretary  Oil crop cultivation in Sweden in 1983 G., Sweden (Ref.GCIRC-B1, 1984, p 8)  Rapsanbau in der CSSR FABRY A./VASAK J., CSSR (Ref.GCIRC-B1, 1984, p 9-10) Rapport sur la culture du colza en Suisse VULLIOUD P., Switzerland (Ref.GCIRC-B1, 1984, p 11) Rapeseed breeding progress in Britain, 1984 THOMPSON K.F., UK (Ref.GCIRC-B1, 1984, p 12-13) Attempts of heterosis use to improve winter rape yield in Poland GRABIEC B., KRZYMANSKI Jan, Poland (Ref.GCIRC-B1, 1984, p 14-16) Synthèse des essais "valeurs agronomiques" des variétés de colza d'hiver en France ARNAUD Fernand, France (Ref.GCIRC-B1, 1984, p 17-18) Verticillium dahliae : an investigation of root injuries in winter-oilseed-crops in Sweden BERG G., Sweden (Ref.GCIRC-B1, 1984, p 19) Research on Canadian oil…