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The Eminent Scientist Award

The International Rapeseed Award, called "Eminent Scientist Award" was created in 1983 to recognize scientific achievement in the framework of rapeseed research.

The Award is presented on the occasion of each International Rapeseed Congress held once every fourth year under the auspices of the GCIRC.

The 16th IRC gave the opportunity to honour Dr Martin FRAUEN and Dr Rodney James MAILER  in Sydney, Australia in September 2023.

Nominations are discussed by the Scientific Committee of GCIRC one year before a Congress. Written proposals and accompanying submissions are sent to the Secretariat for further discussion with the Board.

In 1998, it was decided that the Presidents of the Technical Committees would form the Scientific Award Committee along with the President and Past President of GCIRC. The purpose of the Award is to recognize and honor an individual according to the following criteria :

1) the scientific quality of the nominee's personal work,
2) his/ her involvement in other fields of pluridisciplinary research
3) his / her contribution to the development of rapeseed throughout the world and in particular his / her participation in the life and development of GCIRC.

The award consists of a plaque to the nominee and is presented during the meeting of an International Rapeseed Congress.

List of nominees :

Dr Wilfred KELLER (Canada) in Berlin, Germany, in 2019.

Dr Wolfgang FRIEDT (Germany) & Dr Michel RENARD (France) in Saskatoon, Canada, in 2015.

Dr Gerhard RAKOW  (Canada) & Dr Hilmer SORENSEN (Denmark) in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2011. 

Dr James DAUN  (Canada) in Wuhan, PR China, in 2007. 

Dr Jan KRZYMANSKI (Poland) in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2003.

Dr Gerhard ROBBELEN (Germany) in Canberra, Australia, in 1999.

Dr Keith DOWNEY (Canada) & Dr Jacques MORICE (France) in Cambridge, United Kingdom, in 1995.

Dr Ting Dong FU (China) in Saskatoon, Canada, in 1991.

Dr Baldur STEFANSSON (Canada) received the first award in Poznan, Poland, in 1987.