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General Informations

Presentation of GCIRC

GCIRC (Global Council for Innovation in Rapeseed and Canola) "Building a world community for innovation on rapeseed/canola", is an international association of people interested in technical advance made in the production and processing of this product.

In the Constitution, its aim is defined in two points :

  • to develop scientific and technical research as well as studies and experiments concerning the improvement of rapeseed and its processed products from the agronomic, technological and food points of view 
  • to ensure close links between researchers.

To fulfil its aims, GCIRC :

  • contributes to the coordination of technical studies carried out in the different countries ;
  • assumes responsibility for establishing the dates and locations of International Rapeseed Congresses dealing with rapeseed research every four years ;
  • and convenes the scientists from different fields and countries in a plenary session or specialized study committees held periodically between two congresses.


At this time, GCIRC has about 100 members coming from 20 different countries.

The General Meeting chooses a Board made up of five members at least and eighteen at the utmost. The Board members' tenure of office is of four years. The Board chooses a president, a secretary and a treasurer among its members in the framework of the Board meeting following the elective General Assembly.

From 2021 to 2025, the Board is made up of :

  • Mr Robert WILSON, Australia, President
  • Dr Amine ABBADI, Germany
  • Mr Rakesh ARORA, India
  • Dr Petr BARANYK, Czech Republic
  • Mr Albin GUNNARSON, Sweden
  • Prof Peiwu LI, China
  • Dr Katarzyna MIKOLAJCZYK, Poland
  • Mr Colin PETERS, United Kingdom
  • Mr Etienne PILORGE, France, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Dr Curtis REMPEL, Canada
  • Dr Larry SERNYK, United States of America

The Association has 5 Research Committees:

  • Genetics and Breeding, Chair: Dr Nathalie NESI, France
  • Crop Protection, Chair: Dr Samantha COOK, United Kingdom
  • Agronomy and crop management, Chair: Dr John KIRKEGAARD, Australia
  • Quality and products, Chair: Dr Véronique BARTHET, Canada
  • Economy and markets

and 1 Advisory group for innovation and networking.

The headquarters are located at the following address :
11 rue de Monceau, CS 60003, 75378 PARIS, France



  • To participate to the orientation of the association by voting at the occasion of the General Assembly (for ex on launching working groups, or sites of TM and congresses)
  • To participate to GCIRC activities: research committees, working groups and technical meetings
  • To benefit from preferential fees for the International Rapeseed Congress
  • To have access to the full GCIRC information base, through the website Members' space

The annual subscription is determined by the Board. The annual membership fee has been reduced in 2019 from 120€ to 75€.


For all information, please contact : contact(at)

To register as a new member, please click here.

To renew your membership, please login in, choose how many years you wish to pay for and then follow the instructions. 

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