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16th International Rapeseed Congress, September 24-27, 2023, Sydney, Australia

The GCIRC Executive board and General Assembly approved the proposition of Australia to organize the next 16th International Rapeseed Congress, in 2023, in Sydney, which will take place 24 years after the memorable Australian edition in Canberra, in 1999.

World Congress on Oils & Fats 2020, February 9-12, Sydney, Australia

The 2020 World Congress on Oils and Fats & ISF Lectureship Series is to be held in Sydney, Australia from 9-12 February 2020.

Australia last hosted the World Congress on Fats and Oils in Sydney in conjunction with the ISF Lectureship Series in 2009.

15th International Rapeseed Congress, Berlin, June 16-19, 2019

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