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17-20 September 2023, Poznan/Poland: 19th Euro Fed Lipid Congress and Expo

Fats, oils and lipids.

24-27 September, 2023, Sydney/Australia: 16th International Rapeseed Congress

The 16th International Rapeseed Congress (IRC) to be held in Sydney in 2023 is organised jointly by GCIRC (Global Council for Innovation in Rapeseed and Canola) and AOF (Australian Oilseeds Federation).

IRC is held every four years and is the peak international conference for rapeseed R&D focused on advancement of global rapeseed production and utilisation. Since the 1960s the IRC has been helping rapeseed and canola professionals reach new markets and create enduring relationships in the extensive worldwide network of rapeseed experts.

2-4 November 2023, Megasaray Westbeach Hotel, Antalya/Turkey: EUCARPIA Oil and Protein Crops Section

Oil crops are rich sources of oils, proteins, minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers for both human and animal feeding and provide raw material for production of biodiesel. Oil crops are soybean, cottonseed, sunflower, canola, rapeseed, peanut, safflower, flax, sesame, coconut, castor, copra, etc.

Almost 50% of the global food protein supply comes from cereal seeds. Soybean, peanut, common bean, pea, lupine, chickpea, faba bean, lentil, grass pea, cowpea, pigeon pea, etc. are currently the most important legumes for human consumption and animal feed. Because of the protein content of their seeds; grain legumes, cereals, and other minor crops such as amaranth, quinoai, hemp, caraway, etc. are protein crops growing for plant protein for food and feed.