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Institutional membership

Institutional membership

During the General Assembly held in Berlin, in June 2019, the GCIRC membership fees have been revised, decreasing individual membership fees from 120€ to 75€ yearly to favour the growth of GCIRC membership, and so the GCIRC awareness, and to put efforts on institutional membership to increase institutions support to the association activities.

Institutions are given the opportunity to pay an institutional membership permitting to nominate representatives to the GCIRC General Assembly and giving access to the GCIRC information for their staff. The institutional membership is open to all organizations, either public, representing collective sectorial interests or totally private.

In practice for institution membership:

  • The institutional membership includes the payment of the individual membership of 1 to 3 representatives of the institution at the GCIRC General Assembly, depending on the size and contribution of the institution
  • The institution has full liberty to nominate the corresponding number of representatives and will nominate at least 1 in any case.
  • The representatives have the same rights as any individual member, including participation to the GA or the capacity to be candidate and be appointed by the GA as GCIRC Board member. 
  • Concerning the Board of directors, its composition is ruled by the article 10 of the GCCIC Constitution: « The Association will be administered by a Board made up of five members at least and eighteen at the utmost. They will be chosen among the active members or delegates of institutional members and appointed by the members’ Ordinary General Assembly. To favour international dynamics, the number of board members is basically limited to 1 per country…. ». For practical reasons, a tolerance up to 2 members is offered to the country organizing the next IRC.

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