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GCIRC has a new name!

Among them, a new name and a motto. The GCIRC acronym has been kept as a reminder of a long-lasting history from the beginning of rapeseed/canola development in the world, and the first meeting to build this association, in 1974, preceding its foundation in 1977, when GCIRC had three official lan-guages: French, German and English. As the international language of science and technologies English was adopted as the sole official language for the GCIRC at the occasion of the General Assembly in Saskatoon (2015).

The new name is now consistent with this decision and fully reflects the mission of the Association: ¨Global Council for Innovation in Rapeseed and Canola¨. We do hope it will facilitate the development of the associations awareness all over the world.

The motto reflects the ambition of the association: “Building a world community for innovation on rapeseed/canola”

The logo will be adapted accordingly in the near future.

The Extraordinary General Assembly also took important decisions regarding the governance of the association, notably the option to open widely the GCIRC to new members, in order to increase its im-pact, and to encourage application for membership through lower membership fees and better identi-fied benefits for GCIRC members.

These decisions contain renewed challenges for the association in developing coordination activities for international research and attracting new generations of scientists.

The future of GCIRC in developing innovations for rapeseed/canola depends on us.

Prof Wolfgang Friedt, GCIRC President
Etienne Pilorgé, GCIRC Secretary-Treasurer