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* Oct 21, 2013 German rapeseed on the verge of collapse? Consequences of a new EU biofuel policy.

The EU is planning to limit the European biofuel production and to make the greenhouse gas balance (GHG balance) subject to much stricter regulations. The result will be that by 2020 only 5 % of the consummated fuel would consist of fuels that originate from food commodities. In addition, it is planned, to prescribe an informative accounting of GHG under consideration of the effects of indirect land use changes. As its GHG balance is not particularly good, rapeseed oil as well as other vegetable oils could even completely lose the political support of the EU in the long run. Without such support it is hard to image any EU biodiesel production to happen.

Against this background some people argue that the European rapeseed production is at risk, given the high share of EU rapeseed that is currently being used to produce biodiesel.