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Presentation of our NEW WEBSITE

Our website is now available at



Member’s profile

Now possible online modifications of your profile information: upload new cv, new photo, identification of your centers of interest, activity...
Online payment by credit card.

New members

Now possible online registration: cv, photo, interests, activity...
Online payment by credit card.

Workgroups/Collaborative activities

New collaborative space available for our members to work on specific subjects.

Search box

Improved research engine that searches in all site contents.

Our Newsletter

You can register your e-mail address to receive our Newsletter.
You can also read our Newsletter on-line or download the pdf file.

Our sponsors

Sponsors' logos carrousel on our Home page.



In the Archives, open to all, you will find former GCIRC Bulletins and IRC Proceedings until 2015.
GCIRC members have access to the latest IRC proceedings, Seminars/Symposia proceedings and Students thesis/reports and General Assemblies reports.
Board members can read all our Board Meetings reports.

Online directory

Members’ directory & Institutions and Companies’ directory
You can search Members, Institutions and Companies by: Name, Countries, Main fields of interest, Main activity, or Type of Institution/Company.
The lists of all GCIRC members and many Institutions and Companies are also available here.

Photo library

More pictures now available. Do not hesitate to share yours so we can add them.



Click on the "Refresh arrow" to refresh the page.

especially if you begin your visit as an external visitor and log in in a second time (if not menus, accessible to members only, might not appear).

Click on the "Green square with white lines" to access the menu.

In order to use properly the SEARCH BOX, please follow the next instructions:

* Type the word or phrase you are searching for in "search box"
* Once on the results pages, press "Ctrl+F"
* Then type the word or phrase you are searching for in the white rectangle bottom left



“Private area” “Login”
To view and update your profile “My account”
The information that appear on your profile will be open to all: members and non-members, except for your CV that will be available only for members.
You can download/update your photo and CV. Please complete all required information.

The two lines:
“Main fields of interest” (you can select several items)
“Main activity” (you can select only one item)
will feed the Member’s Directory search engine, please do fill them in.

The status of your membership payment appears on top of your profile.
For credit card payment, select how many years you wish to pay for. You will then be directed to the online credit card payment module. Once the money has been received, we will send you a receipt.
If the payment of your membership fee is made by bank transfer, we will update your payment status and send you a receipt once the money has been received.

We do not recommend bank transfers for countries outside the Eurozone due to delays and high costs.


« Private area » « Register »
Fill in all required information.
You can choose to pay for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years. You will then be directed to the online credit card payment module.

Should you have any questions, difficulties whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact(at)

Presentation of our NEW WEBSITE