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Last name : HILTPOLD
First name : Ivan
Entrance year : 2022
Occupation : Senior Scientific Collaborator
Birthdate : 1980/07/09
Address : 50 Route de Duilier, 1260 Nyon / Switzerland
Main fields of interest :
  • Crop protection
Professional experience : * AGRICULTURAL ENTOMOLOGIST A well-educated and resourceful biologist with a strong research background and university-level teaching and supervision experience. Proven knowledge in chemical ecology, plant-insect interactions, soil ecology, insect pest control, and nematology. Excellent organizational skills enabling to independently undertake research projects and accomplish planned objectives. * CAREER OBJECTIVES Understanding and exploiting chemically plant-mediated interactions to develop sustainable approaches in the use of natural resources to guarantee a stable development of our societies.
Education : * 2012-14 -- Post-Doc at Western Sydney University (Hawkesburry Institute for the Environment) * 2012-14 -- Post-Doc at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO (based on a grant awarded to Ivan Hiltpold) * 2009-12 -- Post-Doc at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland * 2008 -- PhD graduation
Selected publications : * Schumann, M; Ladin, ZS; Beatens, JM; Hiltpold, I; ,Navigating on a chemical radar: Usage of root exudates by foraging Diabrotica virgifera virgifera larvae,Journal of Applied Entomology,142,10,911-920,2018, * Hiltpold, Ivan; Shriver, W Gregory; ,Birds Bug on Indirect Plant Defenses to Locate Insect Prey,Journal of chemical ecology,44,6,576-579,2018,Springer US * Johnson, Scott N; Glauser, Gaëtan; Hiltpold, Ivan; Moore, Ben D; Ryalls, James MW; ,Root herbivore performance suppressed when feeding on a jasmonate‐induced pasture grass,Ecological entomology,43,4,547-550,2018,"Blackwell Publishing Ltd Oxford, UK" * Hiltpold, Ivan; Moore, Ben D; Johnson, Scott N; ,Elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations alter root morphology and reduce the effectiveness of entomopathogenic nematodes,Plant and Soil,447,1,29-38,2020,Springer International Publishing * Koppenhöfer, Albrecht M; Shapiro-Ilan, David I; Hiltpold, Ivan; ,Entomopathogenic nematodes in sustainable food production,Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems,,,125,2020,Frontiers * Kim, Jinwon; Hiltpold, Ivan; Jaffuel, Geoffrey; Sbaiti, Ilham; Hibbard, Bruce E; Turlings, Ted CJ; Calcium-alginate beads as a formulation for the application of entomopathogenic nematodes to control rootworms,Journal of Pest Science,,,1-12,2021,Springer * Ingber, David A; Christensen, Shawn A; Alborn, Hans T; Hiltpold, Ivan; ,Detecting the Conspecific: Herbivory-Induced Olfactory Cues in the Fall Armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae),Metabolites,11,9,583,2021,Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute * Breitenmoser, Stève; Steinger, Thomas; Baux, Alice; Hiltpold, Ivan; ,Intercropping Winter Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.) Has the Potential to Lessen the Impact of the Insect Pest Complex,Agronomy,12,3,723,2022,MDPI