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Last name : SERNYK
First name : Larry
Entrance year : 2021
Occupation : Plant Breeder/Project Manager (retired)
Birthdate : 1950/09/09
Address : 10793 County Loop 122, 64836 Carthage MO / United States
Main fields of interest :
  • Nutrition
Professional experience : *1982 – 1984: Assistant Professor (Plant Genetics/Breeding), Department of Plant Sciences, University of Manitoba, MB *1984 – 1986: Canola Breeder, Allelix, Inc., Mississauga, ON *1986 – 1988: Canola Breeder, ContiSeed Canada, Winnipeg/Carman, MB *1989 – 1996: Director of Canola and Exploratory Oilseeds Research, Agrigenetics, Inc, Madison, WI *1996 – 1998: Director Oilseeds Research, Mycogen Seeds, Eagan, MN *1999 – 2014 June 30: Project Success Leader, Seeds (Cotton and Oilseeds) – Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN
Education : *1972 BSc Honors (Earth Physics), University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB *1978 BSc Ag (Plant Science), University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB *1982 PhD (Canola Breeding/Genetics with Baldur Stefansson), University of Manitoba. Winnipeg, MB
Selected publications : *Sernyk, J L and Stefansson, B R. 1983. Heterosis in summer rape (Brassica napus L) . Can J Plant Sci 63:407-413 *Fan, Z, Stefansson, B R and Sernyk, J L. 1986. Maintainers and restorers for three male - sterility - inducing cytoplasms in rape (Brassica napus L). Can J Plant Sci 66:229-234 *Kemble, R J, Carlson, J E, Erickson, L R, Sernyk, J L and Thompson, D J. 1986. The Brassica mitochondrial DNA plasmid and large RNAs are not exclusively associated with cytoplasmic male sterility. Mol Gen Genet 205:183-185 *Ringdahl, E A, McVetty, P B E and Sernyk, J L. 1986. Inheritance of earliness, height and leaf number in crosses of early maturing rapeseed. Can J Genet Cytol 28:1009-1015 *Ringdahl, E A, McVetty, P B E and Sernyk, J L. 1986. Intergeneric hybridization of Diplotaxis spp. and Brassica napus: A source of new CMS systems? Can J Plant Sci 67:239-243 *Sernyk, J L. 1990. Catalogue of oilseed rape cultivars. 1990 Edition. 17 PP *Chyi, Y-S, Hoenecke, M E and Sernyk, J L. 1992. A Genetic Linkage Map of Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Loci for Brassica rapa (syn. campestris). Genome 35:746-757 *Sernyk, L. 1994. The integration of biotechnology and conventional breeding in Brassica oilseed improvement. GCIRC Bulletin No 10: 41-44 *Sernyk, J. L. 1996. Oil profile modification by seed mutagenesis. In Vitro Cell and Developmental Biology 32(3): 28A-29A. *Also developed a number of canola varieties/traits: *Conti-Seed: Hyola 40, Hyola 401 - These were first hybrid canola varieties in Canada co-developed with Greg Buzza, Pacific Seeds Australia. *Agrigenetics / Mycogen: Led the group of researchers that developed first Nexera Omega-9 oil quality specialty canola varieties, a number of these being the basis for utility/variety patents (in parentheses): AG019 (US5965755, US6169190, CA2133881, EP647406, AU77428/94) DMS-100 – yield improvement Nex 700 (US patent US6489543) – yield improvement Nex 705 (US patent US6433254) and Nex 710 (US6455763) – higher oil and protein 1709 – (US Patent 6444879) High Oleic - Low Linolenic oil from B. napus (US Patent 6169190)