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Liang GUO
Last name : GUO
First name : Liang
Entrance year : 2022
Occupation : Professor
Company : Huazhong Agricultural University, National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic
Birthdate : 1981/12/19
Address : Improvement Office B306, No 1 Shizishan Street, 430070 Wuhan / China
Main fields of interest :
  • Seeds, genetics
Professional experience : Professor Guo has been engaged in the research of rapeseed genetics and breeding, including rapeseed functional genomics, lipid metabolism and biotechnology. Professor Guo has published more than 80 papers in academic journals such as Nature Plants, Genome Biology, Science Advances, Plant Cell and Molecular Plant. Professor Guo serves as managing editor of Molecular Breeding, executive editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Oil Crops, board members of China Society of Agricultural Biotechnology, Hubei Genetic Society, International Symposium of Plant Lipid and Asia Symposium of Plant Lipid.
Education : * 2006.08-2011.12 University of Missouri-Saint Louis, Ph.D in Cellular and Molecular Biology * 2004.09-2006.07 Sichuan University, MS in Plant Science * 2001.09-2004.07 Sichuan University, BS in Biotechnology
Selected publications : 1. Song J#, Guan Z#, Hu J#, Guo C, Yang Z, Wang S, Liu D, Wang B, Lu S, Zhou R, Xie W, Cheng Y, Zhang Y, Liu K*, Yang Q*, Chen L* and Guo L* (2020) Eight high-quality genomes reveal pan-genome architecture and ecotype differentiation of Brassica napus. Nature Plants 6:34-45. 2. Liu D#, Yu L#, Wei L#, Yu P, Wang J, Zhao H, Zhang Y, Zhang S, Yang Z, Chen G, Yao X, Yang Y, Zhou Y, Wang X, Lu S*, Dai C*, Yang Q* and Guo L* (2021) BnTIR:an online transcriptome platform for exploring RNA-seq libraries for oil crop Brassica napus. Plant Biotechnology Journal 19:1895-1897. 3. Tang S#, Zhao H#, Lu S, Yu L, Zhang G, Zhang Y, Yang Q-Y., Zhou Y, Wang X, Ma W, Xie W* and Guo L* (2021) Genome- and transcriptome-wide association studies provide insights into the genetic basis of natural variation of seed oil content in Brassica napus. Molecular Plant 14:470-487. 4. Zhang Y#, Zhang H#, Zhao H#, Xia Y, Zheng X, Fan R, Tan Z, Duan C, Fu Y, Li L, Ye J, Tang S, Hu H, Xie W, Yao X* and Guo L* (2022) Multi-omics analysis dissects the genetic architecture of seed coat content in Brassica napus. Genome Biology 23:86. 5. Ali U#, Lu S#, Fadlalla T#, Iqbal S, Yue H, Yang B, Hong Y, Wang X and Guo L* (2022) The functions of phospholipases and their hydrolysis products in plant growth, development and stress responses. Progress in Lipid Research 86:101158. 6. Song JM#, Zhang Y#, Zhou ZW, Lu S, Ma W, Lu C, Chen LL* and Guo L* (2022) Oil plant genomes: current state of the science. Journal of Experimental Botany 73:2859-2874. 7. Yang B#, Li M#, Phillips A, Li L, Ali U, Li Q, Lu S, Hong Y, Wang X* and Guo L* (2021) Non-specific phospholipase C4 hydrolyzes sphingophospholipids and sustains plant root growth under phosphate deficiency. Plant Cell 33:766-780. 8. Yu L#, Iqbal S#, Zhang Y, Zhang G, Ali U, Lu S, Yao X* and Guo L* (2021) Proteome-wide identification of S-sulfenylated cysteines in Brassica napus. Plant Cell & Environment 44:3571-3582. 9. Tang S, Liu D, Lu S, Yu L, Li Y, Lin S, Li L, Du Z, Liu X, Li X, Ma W, Yang Q* and Guo L* (2020) Development and screening of EMS mutants with altered seed oil content or fatty acid composition in Brassica napus. Plant Journal 104:1410-1422. 10. Lu S, Sturtevant D, Aziz M, Jin C, Li Q, Chapman K* and Guo L* (2018) Spatial analysis of lipid metabolites and expressed genes reveals tissue-specific heterogeneity of lipid metabolism in high- and low-oil Brassica napus L. seeds. Plant Journal 94: 915-932.