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Liangxiao ZHANG
Last name : ZHANG
First name : Liangxiao
Entrance year : 2022
Occupation : Research Scientist
Company : Oil Crops Research Institute/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Birthdate : 1981/11/07
Language : Chinese (Simplified)
Address : No. 2 Xudong 2nd Road, Wuchang District 430062 Wuhan / China
Main fields of interest :
  • Seeds, genetics
  • Food industries
  • Nutrition
Professional experience : Quality and safety of rapeseed and its products; Food industries; Feed industries; Nutrition
Education : Employment History: * June 2011-Feberary 2013, Assistant professor at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; * March 2013-December 2013, Assistant Professor at Oil Crops Research Institute (OCRI), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS); * January 2014-December 2019, Associate Professor at OCRI-CAAS; * January 2020-now, Professor at OCRI-CAAS. Education: * September 2006-May 2011, PhD, Analytical Chemistry, Central South University (Supervised by prof. Yizeng Liang), China; * November 2009-September 2010 Joint PhD student, University of Bergen (Supervised by prof. Olav M. Kvalheim), Norway; * September 2002-July 2006, Bachelor, Applied Chemistry, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), China.
Selected publications : * 1. Ruinan Yang1, Liangxiao Zhang1,*, Peiwu Li*, Li Yu, Jin Mao, Xiupin Wang, Qi Zhang, A review of chemical composition and nutritional properties of minor vegetable oils in China, Trends in Food Science & Technology, 2018,74: 26-32 (TOP 5%, IF 12.563). * 2. Xue Li, Liangxiao Zhang*, Yong Zhang, Du Wang, Xuefang Wang, Li Yu, Wen Zhang, Peiwu Li*, Review of NIR spectroscopy methods for nondestructive quality analysis of oilseeds and edible oils. Trends in Food Science & Technology, 2020, 101: 172-181 (TOP 5%, IF 12.563). * 3. Jin Mao, Liangxiao Zhang*, Huiting Wang, Qi Zhang*, Wen Zhang, Peiwu Li*, Facile fabrication of nanosized graphitic carbon nitride sheets with efficient charge separation for mitigation of toxic pollutant. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2018, 342: 30-40 (TOP 5%, IF 13.273). * 5. Liangxiao Zhang1,*, Qian Shuai1, Peiwu Li1,*, Qi Zhang, Fei Ma, Wen Zhang, Xiaoxia Ding, Ion mobility spectrometry fingerprints: A rapid detection technology for adulteration of sesame oil, Food Chemistry, 2016, 192: 60-66 (TOP 5%, IF 7.514). * 6. Liangxiao Zhang1,*, Sujun Wang1, Ruinan Yang, Jin Mao, Jun Jiang, Xiupin Wang, Wen Zhang, Qi Zhang, Peiwu Li, Simultaneous determination of tocopherols, carotenoids and phytosterols in edible vegetable oil by ultrasound-assisted saponification, LLE and LC-MS/MS, Food Chemistry, 2019, 289: 313-319(TOP 5%, IF 7.514). * 7. Baocheng Xu, Liangxiao Zhang*, Fei Ma, Wen Zhang, Xiupin Wang, Qi Zhang, Denglin Luo, Hongyan Ma, Peiwu Li*, Determination of free steroidal compounds in vegetable oils by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled to time-of-flight mass spectrometry, Food Chemistry, 2018, 245: 415-425 (TOP 5%, IF 7.514).