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Michael STAMM
Last name : STAMM
First name : Michael
Entrance year : 2019
Occupation : Agronomist/Canola Breeder
Company : Kansas State University
Language : English (USA)
Address : Department of Agronomy 2004 Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center 1712 Claflin Road 66506-0110 Manhattan / United States
Main fields of interest :
  • Seeds, genetics
Professional experience : Agronomist/Canola Breeder – Kansas State University: 2019-present Associate Agronomist/Canola Breeder – Kansas State University: 2011-2018 Interim Agronomy Research Farm Manager – Kansas State University: Jan-April, 2016 Assistant Agronomist/Canola Breeder – Kansas State Univ. & Oklahoma State Univ.: 2005-2010 Breeder Associate – Monsanto Company: 2003-2005
Education : Kansas State University-Bachelor of Science, Agronomy Kansas State University-Masters of Science, Agronomy/Plant Breeding
Selected publications : Holman, J., Y. Assefa, M.J. Stamm, and A.K. Obour. 2020. Canola yield, forage mass, and quality in dual-purpose and companion cropping. Crop Sci. ( Katuwal, K., Y. Cho, S. Singh, S.V. Angadi, S. Begna, and M. Stamm. 2020. Soil water extraction pattern and water use efficiency of spring canola under growth-stage-based irrigation management. Agri. Water Mgmt. Pokharel, M., A. Chiluwal, M. Stamm, D. Min, D. Rhodes, and S.V.K. Jagadish. 2020. High night-time temperature during flowering and pod filling affects flower opening, yield and seed fatty acid composition in canola. J. Agronomy Crop Sci. Stamm, M., J. Damicone, S. Dooley, J. Holman, J. Johnson, J. Lofton, and D. Santra. 2019. Registration of ‘Surefire’ winter canola. J. Plant Reg. 13(3):316-319. doi:10.3198/jpr2019.02.0007crc. Channa, S.A., H. Tian, M.I. Mohammed, R. Zhang, S. Faisal, Y. Guao, M. Klima, M. Stamm, and S. Hu. 2018. Heterosis and combining ability analysis in Chinese semi-winter x excotic accessions of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) Euphytica 214(134):1-19. Assefa, Y., P.V.V. Prasad, C. Foster, Y. Wright, S. Young, B. Pauley, M. Stamm, and I. Ciampitti. 2018. A review of major management factors determining spring and winter canola yield in North America. Crop Sci. 58:1-16. doi: 10.2135/cropsci2017.02.0079. Begna, S., S. Angadi, M. Stamm and A. Mesbah. 2017. Winter canola: a potential dual-purpose crop for the United States southern Great Plains. Agron. J. 109:2508–2520. doi:10.2134/agronj2017.02.0093.