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Yaspal Singh SODHI
Last name : SODHI
First name : Yaspal Singh
Entrance year : 2019
Occupation : Principal Breeder
Company : ACSEN HYVEG Pvt Ltd.
Birthdate : 1961/09/16
Language : English, German, Hindi, Punjabi
Address : ACSEN Agriscience Pvt. Ltd. Village Nunhera, Tehsil Sohna, Sohna-Palwal- Ballabhgarh Road, Sohna, District Gurugram 122103 Haryana / India
Main fields of interest :
  • Seeds, genetics
  • Crop protection
Professional experience : I did my Ph. D (Genetic) from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India in 1989 and joined as Research Associate at Tata Energy Research Institute, New Delhi, India. At Tata Energy Research Institute my research work was on ‘Polima’ CMS in rapeseed and on B. tournefortii derived CMS in Indian mustard. I have worked as DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) fellow from 1993 to 1995 at an Institute of Agronomic and Plant Breeding, Goettingen, Germany. I have joined as a Research Scientist in 1996 at Centre for Genetic Manipulation of Crop Plants at University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi, India and continued working till 2018 on various positions from Senior Research Scientist and as Principal Scientist. During my professional carrier the focus was on to develop hybrids and to transfer ‘Canola’ quality in Indian Mustard B. juncea. I have developed a new cytoplasmic male sterility ‘126-1’ CMS in Indian mustard and released a hybrid named as DMH-1 for cultivation. At present working as a Principal Breeder at Acsen Hyveg Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram, Haryana, India, and continued working on improving the oilseed yield and quality of Indian Mustard B. juncea.
Education : Ph.D (Genetics)
Selected publications : * YADAVA, SK, ARUMUGAM N, MUKHOPADHYAY A, SODHI YS, GUPTA V, PENTAL D and PRADHAN AK. (2012) QTL mapping of yield associated traits in Brassica juncea : Meta-analysis and epistatic interactions using two different crosses between east European and Indian gene pool lines. Theor Appl Genet 125:1553-1564 * SODHI YS, CHANDRA A, VERMA JK, MUKHOPADHYAY A, ARUMUGAM N, GUPTA V, PENTAL D and PRADHAN AK (2006) A new cytoplasmic male sterility system for hybrid seed production in oilseed mustard Brassica juncea. Theor Appl Genet 114 : 93-99 * LAKSHMI PADMAJA K, ARUMUGAM N, GUPTA V, MUKHOPADHYAY A, SODHI YS, PENTAL D, AND PRADHAN AK (2005) Mapping and tagging of seed coat colour and the identification of microsatellite markers for marker-assisted manipulation of the trait in Brassica juncea. Theor Appl Genet 111 : 8-14 * GUPTA V, MUKHOPADHYAY A, ARUMUGAM N, SODHI YS, PENTAL D and PRADHAN AK (2004). Molecular tagging of erucic acid trait in oilseed mustard (Brassica juncea) by QTL mapping and single nucleotide polymorphism in FAE 1 gene. Theor Appl Genet 108 : 743-749 * PRADHAN AK, GUPTA V, MUKHOPADHYAY A, ARUMUGAM N, SODHI YS and PENTAL D (2003). A high-density linkage map in Brassica juncea using AFLP and RFLP markers. Theor Appl Genet 106 : 607-614 * SODHI YS, MUKHOPADHYAY A, ARUMUGAM N, VERMA JK, GUPTA V, PENTAL D and PRADHAN AK (2002). Inheritance pattern of total glucosinolate content in crosses involving a high glucosinolate Indian variety and a low glucosinolate line of Brassica juncea. Plant Breeding 121 : 508-511 * VERMA JK, SODHI YS, MUKHOPADHYAY A, ARUMUGAM N, GUPTA V, PENTAL D and PRADHAN AK (2000) Identification of stable maintainer and fertility restorer lines for ‘Polima’CMS in Brassica campestris L. Plant Breeding 119 : 90-92 * PRADHAN AK, SODHI YS, MUKHOPADYAY A, PENTAL D (1993) Heterosis breeding in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L. Czern & Coss) : Analysis of component characters contributing to heterosis for yield. Euphytica 69 : 219-229 * SODHI YS, PRADHAN AK, MUKHOPADHYAY A and PENTAL D (1993) Identification of a stable maintainer line for 'Polima' cytoplasmic male sterility in rapeseed (Brassica napus L.). Plant Breeding 110:334-337