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GCIRC Bulletins

Bulletin 27, 2013

  Table of contents  Following communications were presented in the framework of the Technical Meeting, at ACW Changins, Switzerland, April 28-30, 2013 EconomyRecent developments of the EU biofuel policy - implications for domestic rapeseed demand (abstract)D. Bockey, Union zur Förderung von Oel- und Proteinpflanzen e.V. (UFOP), Berlin, GermanyChanges to the EU biofuel policy framework - potential consequences for the global oilseed and rapeseed markets (abstract)M. Boersch,Mercantile Consulting Venture Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaFarm economics of HOLL rapeseed in Northern Europe (abstract)A. Williams, Monsanto International SARL, SwitzerlandFuture potential for oilseed&hellip;</span>

Bulletin 26, 2011

Table of contents Biofumigation : a significant opportunity for OSR and other brassica species with high glucosinolate contents ?Dr Matthew Back & Prof Melyvn Askew, UKDevelopment of germplasm of yellow seeded winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L. var. oleifera)Iwona Bartkowiak-Broda, Aleksandra Piotrowska, Blazej Hernacki, Teresa Cegielska-Taras, Krzysztof Michalski, Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute (PBAI)Poznan, PolandAustralian canola/colza qualityRod Mailer, Australian Oils Research Laboratory, Industry & Investment NSW, Wagga, AustraliaThe role of the toxin sirodesmin in virulence of the blackleg fungusBarbara J. Howlett, Ellen M Fox, Anton J Cozijnsen, Angela P Van de Wouw and Candace E. Elliott, AustraliaIndian mustard production : markets and economics of typical…

Bulletin 25, 2009

April 2009

Following communications were presented in the framework of

our Technical Meeting, Manesar (near Delhi), India, February 2-4, 2009.

Bulletin 24, 2007

Please find below the Conclusions of our last International Rapeseed Congress

which took place in Wuhan, PR China, on March 26-30, 2007

Bulletin 23, 2006

Agronomy & ProductionAustralian canola production 2005/06 A. McFADDEN, Rodney J. MAILER, P.A. PARKER, AustraliaQuality of the 2005 canola crop in CanadaDoug DeCLERCQ, Canada Rapeseed Cultivation in Germany 2006Manuela SPECHT, GermanyPlant BreedingAdoption of herbicide tolerant (HT) canola in Canada Dr. Keith DOWNEY, AAFC Saskatoon, CanadaPresent trends in winter oilseed rape breeding in the Czech RepublicIng. Radoslav KOPRNA, Ing. Eva PLACHKA, Bc. Viktor VRBOVSKY, Czech RepublicDMH-1, the first mustard hybrid in India based on a novelCMS-restorer systemSODHI, Y.S., PRADHAN, A.K., VERMA, J.K., ARUMUGAM, N., MUKHOPADHYAY, A., GUPTA, V., PENTAL Deepak, India Phytotechnics Session - Agronomy and Crop ProtectionWinter oilseed rape protection against Brassica pod midge (Dasineura brassicae…

Bulletin 22, 2005

Technical Meeting, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CN, June 2005

This issue contains all communications presented in the framework of our Technical Meeting, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CN, June 2005.