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GCIRC Bulletins

Bulletin 24, 2007

General Report sent by the Secretariat in Wuhan
Agronomy Session
conclusions presented by Dr. Iwona Bartkowiak-Broda (Poland)
Impact of the late April frosts on pod damage and the yield of winter oilseed rape
Dr. Peter Baranyk, Jan Kazda (Czech Republic)
Trade & Economics
conclusions presented by Dr. Gisbert Kley (Germany)
Plant Breeding
conclusions presented by Dr. Michel Renard (France)
Quality of rapeseed meal for animal nutrition and as a source of value-added products - glucosinolates, protein and fibres
N. Bellostas, Hilmer Sorensen, S. Sorensen (Denmark)
Quality of rapeseed oil for non-food (bioenergy) and human and animal nutrition
N. Bellostas, Hilmer Sorensen, S. Sorensen (Denmark)
Biofumigation: from the "classical" approach to the use of biorefined glucosinolates as natural plant protection agents
N. Bellostas, Hilmer Sorensen, J.C. Sorensen (Denmark)
New Uses
Biodiesel - a Situation Report and Forecast - Rapeseed Market with good perspectives
Dieter Bockey (Germany)