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GCIRC Bulletins

Bulletin 15, 1998

Letter from the SecretaryFrom the President Rodney MailerEulogy for Dr. Bert CraigEulogy for Dr. Milton BellGCIRC-Members Communications Agronomy Argentine CanolaGustavo VRDOLJAK, Argentina (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp20-21)Canola Production in Australia and the Impact of the National Brassica Breeding ProjectTrent POTTER, Rod MAILER, Neil WRATTEN & Phillip SALISBURY , Australia (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 22-23)Rapeseed in Belgium : Production and Research (Le colza en Belgique - Production et recherche)Christine CARTRYSSE & Jean-Paul WATHELET, Belgique (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 24-26)Saturated Fatty Acids in Canadian CanolaJ.K. DAUN & D.R. DECLERCQ, Canada (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 27-30)Rapeseed Production in ChinaLi DIANRONG & Tian JIANHUA, P.R. China (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp31-36)Oilseed…

Bulletin 14, 1997

Technical Meeting, Göttingen, Germany, 9-10 04, 1997

Bulletin 13, 1997

Letter from the Secretary From the PresidentGCIRC-Members Plant BreedingThe breeding and utilization of the CMS Shaan 2A in Brassica napusDIANRONG L./GONGSHE L./, China (Ref.GCIRC-B13, 1997, pp 16-21)Field experiments with glufosinate tolerant transgenic oil seed rape in Germany in 1995-1996CREMER J., Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B13, 1997, pp 22-23) The first fully restored F1-hybrids of winter oilseed rapePAULMANN W./FRAUEN M., Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B13, 1997, pp 24-25)Investigation on the possibility of cultivation of winter oilseed rape composite-hybrid varieties in PolandBARTKOWIAK-BRODA I./KRZYMANSKI J./LIERSCH A./OGRODOWCZYK M., Poland (Ref.GCIRC-B13, 1997, pp 26-30)Brassica and oilseeds research in Norwichcommunications sent by Dr. J. Murphy, UK (Ref.GCIRC-B13, 1997, pp 31-33)Genetics of…

Bulletin 12, 1996

In Memoriam :Torsten Cedell (Ref.GCIRC-B12, 1996, p 2)Letter from the Secretary (Ref.GCIRC-B12, 1996, p 3)Letter from the President (Ref.GCIRC-B12, 1996, pp 4-5)GCIRC Members (Ref.GCIRC-B12, 1996, pp 6-11) GCIRC Eminent Scientist Award, Cambridge, July 5, 1995 (Ref.GCIRC-B12, 1996, p 14) Communications Presentation of the Eminent Scientist Awards : Dr. Keith DOWNEY & Jacques MORICE (Ref.GCIRC-B12, 1996, pp 15-16)Recognizing the Past and looking for the futureDr. Keith DOWNEY (Ref.GCIRC-B12, 1996, pp 17-18)An Orchestra Conductor facing wonderful solistsDr. Jacques MORICE (Ref.GCIRC-B12, 1996, p 19)Plant Breeding and GMO's Gentechnisch veränderte Rapspflanzen - die Lage in Deutschland /GMO and Rapeseed : Present situation in GermanyDr. Gisbert Kley, Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B12, 1996, pp…

Bulletin 11, 1995

Letter from the SecretaryFrom the PresidentEulogy for Dr. Phil Gösta AnderssonGCIRC-Members Plant Breeding - Züchtung - SélectionBrassica and oilseeds research in Norwich Communications from the Brassica and Oilseed Research Department (Ref.GCIRC-B11, 1995, p 16-26) Rapeseed breeding in DenmarkM.H. RAHMAN, M.H. POULSEN, Denmark (Ref.GCIRC-B11, 1995, p 27-29) Seed production of hybrid summer rape : a preliminary study in FinlandT. NIEMELA, M. TUISKUNEN, Finland (Ref.GCIRC-B11, 1995, p 30-31)Arrivée de matériel de type hybride en FranceX. PINOCHET, France (Ref.GCIRC-B11, 1995, p 32-37) Development of cultivars and winter rapeseed quality in Czech RepublicBARANYK P./ZUKALOVA H., Czech Republic (Ref.GCIRC-B11, 1995, p 38-41)Agronomy - Agrarwissenschaft - Agronomie Evolution of rapeseed…

Bulletin 10, 1994

Technical Meeting, Copenhagen, June 13-16 1993