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12th IRC Wuhan China, 2007 Vol 5


12th IRC, Wuhan, China, March 26-30, 2007 -  Volume 5


Quality Analysis and Nutrition

Rapeseed for human nutrition – present knowledge and future options • Christian A. Barth 3
Recent advances in glucosinolate research • Elke Bloem, Silvia Haneklaus, Ewald Schnug 6
Quality of canola (Brassica napus L.) varieties in Western Canada: Evaluation of variability due to genetic, year and environmental conditions using data from Canadian Grain Commission Harvest Surveys and from Environment Canada meteorological stations • James K. Daun 10
A preliminary study on glucosinolates heterosis in leaf of hybrids in • LI Peiwu , ZHANG Wen, DING Xiaoxia, CHEN Xiaomei, ZHAO Yongguo, LI Yunchang, XIE Conghua, Fu Tingdong 15
A survey plan for a better management of quality from plate to field • Bouchaïb Bouchtane, Sylvie Dauguet, Jacques Evrard, Florence Lacoste, Jean-Philippe Loison, Bernard Ticot 18
High Oleic, low linolenic (HOLL) specialty canola development in Australia • Laura Maher, Wayne Burton, Phil Salisbury, Lorin Debonte, Xinmin Deng 22
Nutritional value of cruciferous oilseed crops in relation to profile of accumulated biomolecules with especial regard to glucosinolate transformation products
N. Bellostas, C. Bjergegaard, S.K Jensen, H. Sørensen, J. C. Sørensen, S. Sørensen 25
Distribution of n-7 Fatty acid in Brassicacea.
Véronique J. Barthet 29
Changes in the contents of glucosinolates during crop development in different parts of rapeseed varieties • Satoko Yasumoto, Morio Matsuzaki, Hisako Hirokane, Kensuke Okada 33
An effective and fast way to publish facts and figures from variety trials to farmers • Christian Haldrup, Jon B. Pedersen 36
Inserts for FOSS NIRS 6500 spinning ring cups
J. Philip Raney, Gerald Serblowski 39
Antitumor and immunomodulating activities of rapeseed polyphenols • WANG Chengming, YAN Fengwei, WU Moucheng 43
Impact of conventional breeding on the whole seed proteome of Brassica napus L. using quantitative differential 2D electrophoresis and shotgun proteomics • Devouge Vanessa, Rogniaux Hélène, Tessier Dominique, Gilbert Deshayes, Guéguen Jacques, Cécile Baron, Nési Nathalie, Larré Colette 51
A new NIRS method for high throughput analysis of oleic, linoleic and linolenic acid content of single seeds in oilseed rape • Oliver Niewitetzki, Heiko C. Becker, Peter Tillmann, Christian Möllers 55
Chemical composition of winter oilseed rape seeds in relation to the influence of nitrogen fertilisation and cultivar
Marek Wójtowicz 58
Image analysis of mustard seed: its utilization in assessing seed uniformity • J. Philip Raney 61
Screening of Indian mustard genotypes for heavy metal accumulation tendency under in-vitro conditions
S. Tickoo, Sindhu. V. K, S. Sahni, H.B. Singh 65
A Sino-Japan bilateral comparison study on evaluation and determination of rapeseed quality • Xie Lihua, Li Peiwu, Zhang Wen, Li Guangmin, Ding Xiaoxia, WuYu, Chen Xiaomei, Chen Hong, Yang Mei, Wang Xuefang, Takahashi Shigeyuki, Nakajima Kazhushige, Oshikawa Yuko, Saito Yui 69
Content differences of glycoprotein and amino acids between self-compatible and self-incompatible lines in Yunjie (Eruca Sativa Mill.)• MENG Yaxiong, WANG Baocheng, SUN Wancang, FAN Huiling, ZENG Jun 72
Delimitation of local mustard (Brassica juncea) germplasm in Sri Lanka and improvement of their nutritive quality • S. R. Weerakoon, M. C. M. Iqbal, S. Somaratne, P. K. D. Peiris, W. S. R. Wimalasuriya 75
Analysis of oil content in winter rapeseed (Brassica rapa L.) • WU Junyan, LEI Jianming, SUN Wancang, ZHU Huixia, YAN Ni, FAN Huiling, YE Jian, LIU Yali, ZHANG Yahong, Zeng Jun 79
Analysis of carotenoid in seed of several oil crops • GAO Guizhen, WU Xiaoming, LU Guangyuan, CHEN Biyun, XU Kun 82
Rapeseed quality improvement according to survey in Yangtse valley of China • DING Xiaoxia, ZHANG Wen, XIE Lihua, CHEN Xiaomei, HU Lehua, JIANG Jun, LI Peiwu 85
Rapeseed protein exhibit a poor digestibility but a very high metabolic utilization in humans • Cécile Bos, Gheorghe Airinei, François Mariotti, Robert Benamouzig, Serge Bérot, Jacques Evrard, Evelyne Fénart, Daniel Tomé, Claire Gaudichon 88
Inhibition of lipoxygenase activity by canola hull phenolic extracts
Marian Naczk, Fereidoon Shahidi, Ying Zhong, Ryszard Zadernowski 92
Contribution to understand the fluctuation of linolenic acid profile in winter oilseed rape grown in France
A. Merrien , M. Krouti, J. Dechambre , V. Garnon , J. Evrard 95
Biological activity of glucosinolate derived compounds isolated from seed meal of Brassica crops and evaluated as plant and food protection agents • N. Bellostas, E. Casanova, J. M. Garcia-Mina, L. M. Hansen, L. N. Jørgensen, P. Kudsk, P. H. Madsen, J. C. Sørensen, H. Sørensen 98
Analysis of the lignin contents and related enzymes activities in seed coat between black-seeded and yellow-seeded rapes (Brassica napus)
RAN Xiuzhi, LIANG Ying, LI Jiana 102
The dynamics of the bioactive compounds in oilseeds • Erkki Mäeorg, Peeter Lääniste, Juhan Jõudu, Uno Mäeorg 106
Studies on volatile compounds of different varieties in Brassica napus L. • CHEN Jianmei, HAN Hangru, GUAN Rongzhan, QI Weicong 109
Influence of pH and type of myrosinase complex on the products obtained in the myrosinase catalysed hydrolysis of glucosinolates ⎯a MECC study • N. Bellostas, J. C. Sørensen, H. Sørensen 113


Processing Technology

Research survey and prospect on comprehensive processing of rapeseed • WU Moucheng, LI Xiaoding, YAN Fengwei, WANG Chengming, CHEN Maobing 117
A non-organic solvent process for the efficient recovery of canola oil • David D. Maenz 123
New process of dehulling- cold pressing-expansion for double-low rapeseed • HUANG Fenghong, LI Wenlin, HUANG Qingde, NIU Yanxing, WAN Chuyun 126
The influence of processing conditions on the nutritive value of canola meal• Rodney Mailer, Amanda McFadden, Janelle Rolands 131
Improving rapeseed meal quality by reduction of condensed tannins • Florin Daniel Lipsa, Rod Snowdon, Wolfgang Friedt 135
Canola protein hydrolyzates
Fereidoon Shahidi, Nichole Cumby, Ying Zhong 138
A new method for preparation of non-toxic, functional protein hydrolysate from commercial mustard cake
Alireza Sadeghi Mahoonak, Bhagya Swamylingappa 142
Pure or blended rapeseed oil intake to reach human alphalinolenic recommendation increase plasma availability and conversion to eicosapentaenoic (EPA) • B. Delplanque, N. Combe, G. Agnani, C. Boue-Vaysse, A. Thaminy, B. Le Roy, A. Ruelland , E. Fenart, JL. Fribourg 146
Study on extraction, isolation and bioactivities of phytosterol from rapeseed • LIU Xiaoyu, CHEN Maobing, HE Shenghua, WU Chengmou * 150
Technological performances of low linolenic/high oleic rapeseed oils for food and non-food application • Patrick Carré, Jacques Evrard, Armelle Judde, Françoise Labalette, Stéphane Mazette 152
Rapeseed/canola protein isolates for use in the food industry • Martin Schweizer, Kevin Segall, Sarah Medina, Randy Willardsen, Johann Tergesen 160
Chlorophyll reduction in rape seeds and it’s influence on the bleaching earth consumption during refining
Frank Pudel , Ulrich Eckardt , Bernhard Grimm , Thomas Krause 163
High oleic low linolenic rapeseed oil as alternative to common used frying oils
Bertrand Matthäus 165
Quality analysis of rapeseed oil crushed with different extruding-expansion pretreatments
ZHANG Min, SHEN Dechao 168
The reseach on the double low rapeseed protein concentrated by a new preparation method and its functional properties
ZHANG Hanjun, LIU Dachuan 172
Storage of rapeseed : an important aspect for the production of high quality native rapeseed oil • Bertrand Matthäus, Ludger Brühl, Andreas Attenberger, Roland Fleischmann, Edgar Remmele 178
Influence of spices on the quality of rapeseed oil during storage • Bertrand Matthäus, Julia Salomon 181
Research progress on the function and synthesis of phytosterol esters of fatty acids • WANG Mingxia, HUANG Qinjie, LIU Changsheng, WANG Jiangwei, LI Jiangtao, HUANG Fenghong 185
Effect of microwave drying on rapeseed’s dehydrating characteristics and quality properties • LIAO Qingxi, SHU Caixia, TIAN Boping 189
Effect of enzymatic treatment on rapeseed oil degumming and its quality • WAN Chuyun, HUANG Fenghong, XIA Fujian, LI Wenlin 192
Protective effects of soft ripened cheese (camembert) containing vegetable oil (rapeseed) compared to classical dairy fat cheese on the severity of atherogenic markers in hamsters fed hyperlipidemic diets • Bernadette Delplanque, Genevieve Agnani , Anissa Thaminy, Jean-charles Martin, Karima Bensharif , Daniel Gripois 197
Optimization of polysaccharides by acid extraction from rapeseed meal • LIU Beibei, LI Xiaoding, TAN Zhenglin, WU Moucheng 199
Preparation of peptides hydrolyzed from rape pollen glutelins
HU Xiaobo, XUE Zhaohui, WU Moucheng 203
Standardization of reaction kinetics for enzymatic hydrolysis of Indian mustard seed oil for extraction of Erucic acid
S. Tickoo, Sindhu. V. K, S. Sahni, H.B. Singh 209
Research and application of twin-screw expeller for cold pressing of de-hulled rapeseed • LI Wenlin, HUANG Fenghong, GU Qianghua, GAN Weirui 213
Production of selenium-enriched rapeseed peptides
LIU Dachuan, ZHOU Junmei, ZHANG Hanjun 217
Enzymatic transesterification of Brassica juncea seed oil for production of neutraceuticals • S. Tickoo, H. B. Singh, D. K. Bhattacharyya 221
Tocopherols, tocotrienols and a new radical scavenging substance in raw and processed rapeseed and rapeseed oil • A. Wagner, G. Jahreis 224
Accumulation of pesticides residues in oil during the storage of rapeseed • Sylvie Dauguet, Jacques Evrard, Jérôme Fritsch, Jean-Philippe Loison 227
Study of enzyme-catalyzed biodiesel process with high FFA oil assisted by ultrasonic • HUANG Qingde, HUANG Fenghong, WANG Jianxun, WANG jiangwei, HUANG qinjie 230
Neuroprotective potential of chronic rapeseed oil diet evaluated by audiogenic seizures test in magnesium-deficient mice. • Pierre Maurois, Nicole Pagès, Joseph Vamecq, Geneviève Agnani, Pierre Bac, Bernadette Delplanque 234
High-laurate canola oil in production of structured lipids • Fereidoon Shahidi , Fayez Hamam, Ying Zhong 237
Study on preparation of conjugated linoleic acid • NIU Yanxing, HUANG Fenghong, XIA Fujian 239
The effects of extrusion on tannin content in rapeseed meal
XIAO Zhigang, WU Moucheng 242
Identification of rapeseed oleosins, a family of emulsifying proteins, and optimization of their extraction from seeds and defatted meals using organic solvents • Sabine D’Andréa, Pascale Jolivet, Alain Quinsac, Jacques Evrard, Thierry Chardot 246



Chemical composition and nutritive value of yellow-seeded Brassica napus canola • Bogdan A. Slominski, Xiangfeng Meng, Wei Jia, Martin Nyachoti, Owen Jones, Gerhard Rakow 253
Iodine in the milk – effects of iodine and rape seed feeds in the cow's diet and consequences for human nutrition • Friedrich Schöne, Matthias Leiterer, Gerhard Flachowsky, Gerhard Jahreis, Gerhard Breitschuh 256
Effects of xylanase supplementation on digestibility and performance of growing-finishing pigs fed Chinese double-low rapeseed meal inclusion diets: in vitro and in vivo studies • FANG Zhengfeng, PENG Jian, TANG Tiejun, LIU Zhenli, DAI Jinjun, JIN Lizhi 260
Nutritional and anti-nutritional composition of rapeseed meal and its utilization as a feed ingredient for animal • FENG Dingyuan, ZUO Jianjun 265
Influence of full fat rape seed on the fatty acid profile of egg yolk fat (Q1) • H. Jeroch, J. G. Brettschneider, K. Kozłowski, J. Jankowski 271
Canola protein concentrate for use as a high-valued animal feed ingredient • David D. Maenz 274
Heat treatment of rapeseed as an alternative to formaldehyde use for protecting proteins in rumen • Patrick Carré, Jacques Evrard, Jean-Philippe Loison, Alain Quinsac 277
The advancement of double-low rapeseed meal used as a protein feedstuff in pig and poultry diets • PENG Jian, FANG Zhengfeng 281
The effect of canola meals on the performance of broiler chicks • Mostafa Faghani, Farshid Kheiri 285
Meal quality improvement in Brassica napus canola through the development of low fibre (yellow-seeded) germplasm
Jo-Anne Relf-Eckstein, J. Philip Raney, Gerhard Rakow 289
Stronger toasted rapeseed meals contain less glucosinolates, however, the in vitro protein quality is changed • Friedrich Schöne, Wolfgang Schumann, Rainer Schubert, Horst Hartung, Herbert Steingass 292
Effects of enzyme addition on the nutritive value of broiler diets containing high proportions of hulled or dehulled Chinese double-low rapeseed meals  FANG Zhengfeng, PENG Jian, LIU Zhenli, DAI Jinjun 294
Development of technology for detoxification of Indian mustard deoiled cake for poultry and livestock consumption
S. Sahni, S. Tickoo, Sindhu V. K., H.B. Singh 299
Improvement of rapeseed meal quality via reduction of seed fibre-fractions • Benjamin Wittkop, Rod Snowdon, Wolfgang Friedt 303
The effect of different levels of rapeseed meals on broiler chick performance • Farshid Kheiri, Javad Porreza 306


Industrial Materials and Biofuel

Rapeseed for bio diesel production – international legal requirements and environmental benefits • S. Estermann 310
Processing-bioprocessing of oilseed rape in bioenergy production and value added utilization of remaining seed components • C.L. Bagger, N. Bellostas, S.K Jensen, H. Sørensen, J. C. Sørensen, S. Sørensen 315
A novel method for the preparation of biodiesel by transesterification of rapeseed oil using K2O/γ-Al2O3 nano-solid-base catalyst • HAN Heyou, GUAN Yanping 318
Development of oilseeds for biodiesel feedstock in South Australia • Trent Potter, Kevin Williams 322
Determination of phase diagram of reaction system of biodiesel • LIU Ye, YANG Hao, SHE Zhuhua, LIU Dachuan 324
Oil seed rape as bio-diesel
Jovan Kondić 329
Rapeseed oil and biodiesel based diesel fuels: exhaust gas emissions and related health effects • Axel Munack, Jürgen Krahl, Jürgen Bünger, Norbert Grope, Yvonne Ruschel, Olaf Schröder 332
Biodiesel in Germany - market trends and competition
Dieter Bockey 337
Transesterification of vegetable oilwith potassium cabonate/active carbon catalyst
GUO Pingmei, HUANG Fenghong, HUANG Qingde, HUANG Qinjie 342
Emissions and health effects from heavy-duty engines running on alternative fuels• Jürgen Krahl, Axel Munack, Jürgen Bünger, Norbert Grope, Yvonne Ruschel, Olaf Schröder 346
Effects of fatty acids on oxidation stability and low temperature fluidity of biodiesel• LIU Changsheng, YANG Mei, WANG Jiangwei, WANG Mingxia, HUANG Fenghong 350
Processing of oilseeds in decentralised oil mills in Germany ⎯results of a survey
Kathrin Stotz, Wolfgang Schumann, Edgar Remmele 354
The advancement on the preparation of biodiesel using rapeseed oil as material• MA Jinjie, HAN Heyou 358
State and prospects of the production and use of rapeseed oil fuel in Germany
Klaus Thuneke, Wolfgang Schumann, Edgar Remmele 361


Outlook for development of supply/demand for oilseed and oilseed products
Philippe Dusser 366
International competitiveness of oil and protein crop production systems (T)
Yelto Zimmer, Folkhard Isermeyer 368
Market development and competitive forces in emerging markets of rapeseed and oil products
Rainer Kuehl, Volker Hart 372
Some topics of EU discussion on world free trade with vegetable oils from viewpoint of czech union of oilseeds growers and processors
Zdenek Linhart 376