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9th IRC Cambridge United Kingdom, 1995 Vol 1-2

9th International Rapeseed Congress, Cambridge, UK 1995
Vol 1 & 2

Technical Session A 

Breeding and Biotechnology: F1, Hybrid Technology

  A-2 Transfer of radish CMS-restorer gene into Brassica napus by intergeneric protoplast fusion
Sakai, T., Iwabuchi, M., Kohno-Murase, ]., Liu, H.J., Imamura, J., Japan
 A-3 Breeding double low restorer lines in radish cytoplasmic male sterility of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) 
Delourme, R., Eber, F. ,Renard, M., France
A-4 Genetic relations among the male sterile cytoplasms found in Asian radishes (Raphanus sativus L.) 
Yamagishi, H., Japan
 A-6 Hormonal regulation of male sterility in the Ogura cytoplasmic male sterile line of Brassica napus 
Singh, S., Sawhney, V.K., Canada
 A-8 Transformation of Brassica napus with the CMS-associated mitochondrial gene T-URF13 
Hartung, C, Borchert, L., Abel, W.O. ,Lührs, R., Germany
 A-9 REVIEW: RNA editing in rapeseed mitochondrial transcripts: the extent of RNA editing in rapeseed is low compared to those of other plants 
Handa, H. , Japan
A-10 Somatic hybridization between fertile and CMS "Ogura" winter oilseed rape 
Orczyk, W., Oleksiak, A., Nadolska-Orczyk, A., Poland
 A-11 CMS Polima
Bartkowiak-Broda, I. , Poland
A-12 Characteristics of CMS POL as a system controlling hybrid seed production in winter oilseed rape
Bartkowiak-Broda, I., Poplawska, W., Liersch, A., Gazecka, B. , Poland
A-13 Identification of new sterility maintainers for polima CMS System in Brassica napus L. 
Gurjeet, S., Banga, S.S. , India
A-14 Pollen viability in POL CMS lines of Brassica napus
Bett, K., Séguin-Swartz, G., Relf-Eckstein, J.,Rakow, G. , Canada
A-15 The effect of temperature and manure elements on the fertility change of CMS lines and their F1 in rapeseed 
Li J., Zhang, X.K., Tan, Z.L. Shen, L., PR China
A-16 The Breeding of nucleus + cytoplasm twin-ms line in Brassica napus
Li, J.N., Tan, Z.L., Shen, L. Zhang, X.K. , PR China
A-17 Cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) and systems other than OGU and Polima in brassicae: current status 
Prakash, S, India
A-18 Establishment of a new CMS-system in Brassica napus 
Stiewe, G, Sodhi.J.S., Röbbelen, G. , Germany
A-19 Development of improved cytoplasmic male sterile lines in Brassica through somatic cell hybridization 
Pradhan, A.K., Arumugam, N., Mukhopadhyay, A., Gupta, V., Yadav, B.S., Verma, J.K., Pental, D., India
 A-20 REVIEW: Development and characterization of Tournefortii CMS System in Brassica napus L. 
Banga, S.S., Banga, S.K., Sandha, G.S., India
 A-22 REVIEW: Establishment of genic and cytoplasmic male sterility systems in Brassica napus L. 
Yang, G. S., Fu, T.D., PR China
 A-23 Cytological study of male sterility in Brassica napus L. 
Wojciechowski, A., Poland
A-24 Seedlink™ Technology 
De Both, G.
 A-26 Development of hybrids of Indian mustard using PGS hybridization technology
Varma, N.S., Ghosh, N., Singh, J., India
 A-27 Hybrid production systems based on self-incompatibility in oilseed, Brassica 
Kott, L.S., Canada
 A-28 Self-incompatibility interlocus dominance in Brassica napus 
Ripley, V.L. Kott, L.S., Beversdorf, W.D., Canada
 A-29 REVIEW: Investigations on self-incompatibility in Brassica napus L. towards hybrid breeding 
Esch, E., Wricke, G., Germany
A-30 Heterosis breeding of self-incompatibility in Brassica napus 
Fu, T.D., Yang, X.N., Yang, G.S., Ma, C.Z., PR China
A-31 Development of self-incompatible lines of winter rape by means of doubled haploid system 
Kucera, V., Vyvadilovâ, M., Tomaslkova, D. , Czech Republic
A-32 Hybrid oilseed rape - the self incompatibility system explained 
Werner, C.P., Jennaway, R., Ekuere, U. , UK
A-33 Self-incompatibility in Brassica napus
Ekuere, U., Parkin, I., Bowman, C., Lydiate, D., UK 
A-35 Review of performance and seed production of hybrid Brassicas 
McVetty, P.B.E. , Canada
A-36 Hybrid canola seed production in Western Canada using the POL CMS System
McVetty, P.B.E., Scarth, R., Rimmer, S.R., Pinnisch, R. , Canada & USA
A-37 The effect of distance from pollen source on seed set and yield in apetalous hybrid canola seed production 
Hogarth, C.R., Mendham, N.J., Buzza, G.C., Australia
A-38 Genetic diversity and hybrid performance in European winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) 
Knaak, C.,Ecke, W. , Germany
A-40 The potential of resynthesized rapeseed for hybrid breeding 
Becker, H.C., Engqvist, G. M., Germany & Sweden
A-42 Investigation of F1 hybrid performance in Fall- and Spring-planted canola 
 McGee, K.P., Brown, J., USA
 A-43 Rapeseed heterosis breeding in China 
Fu, T.D., Yang.G.S., PR China
 A-44 Heterosis breeding in mustard (Brassica juncea) and rapeseed (B. napus) by a combination of molecular and conventional methods
Pental, D., Pradhan, A.K., Sodhi, Y.S., Arumugum, N., Mukhopadhyay, A., India
A-45 Higher yield with less expenses - investigation of heterosis-effect on own double-zero winter rape material 
Busch, H. , Germany
A-46 Heterosis in single-cross hybrids of summer turnip rape in Saskatchewan, Canada: a yield component study 
Falk, K.C., Rakow, G.F.W.,Downey, R.K., Canada

Technical Session B : Animal Nutrition 

B-l REVIEW: Potential for reducing costs of salmon production by dietary inclusion of novel rapeseed/canola protein products
Higgs, D.A., Prendergast, A.F., Beames, R.M., Dosanjh, B.S., Satoh, S., Mwachireya, S.A., Deacon, G., Canada & Japan
B-2 The influence of expanding 00-rapeseed meal on feeding value and growth performance of broilers 
Kracht, W., Jeroch, H.,Matzke, W., Germany
B-3 Nutritional values of extruded rapeseed and pea for broiler chicken
Bureau, J., Evrard, J., Carré, P., Lessire, M., France
B-4 Increasing amounts of expanded rapeseed expellers in the feeding of dairy cows 
 Tuori, M., Syrjälä-Qvist, J., Finland
B-5 Nutritive profile of yellow-seeded canola/rapeseed
Slominski, B.A., Simbaya, J., Rakow, G, Campbell, L.D., Guenter, W., Canada
B-6 Full fat rapeseed and rapeseed press cake in pig feeding 
Schöne, F., Kirchheim, U., Schumann, W., Germany
B-7 Effect of glucosinolates on insulin secretion from perfused rat pancreas 
Chichlowska, J., Kliber, A., Szkudelsld, T., Poland
B-8 Availability of phosphorus of rapeseed meal and rapeseed raeal expeller for growing chickens and improvement of phosphorus availability by graded enzyme addition 
Potkanski, A, Dänicke, S., Rutkowski, A., Jeroch, H., Kracht, W., Canada
B-9 Input-output relation fatty acids from dietary rapeseed into milk fat and changes in serum metabolites and hormones in dairy cows 
Jahreis, G., Germany
B-10 Potential for improved utilization of canola meal using exogenous enzymes 
Guenter, W., Slominski, B.A., Simbaya, J., Morgan, A., Campbell, L.D., Canada & UK
B-11 Influence of different technical treatments of rapeseed on the digestibility of crude nutrients and on the metabolisability of energy as determined with broilers and laying hens 
Dänicke, S., Jeroch, H., Zachmann, R., Heidenreich, E., Germany
B-12 The effect of different grinding and thermal or hydrothermal treatment methods on the digestibility and feeding value of 00-rapeseed by pigs 
Kracht, W., Jeroch, H., Matzke, W., Heidenreich, E., Löwe, R., Schumann, W., Germany
B-13 Digestibility and energy value of low-glucosinolate rapeseed meal for chicks as affected by oil and fibre content 
Chibowska, M., Smulikowska, S., Pastuszewska, B., Poland
B-14 The influence of feeding 00-rapeseed to broilers on feed intake, growth performance and fatty acid composition of carcass fat 
Kracht, W., Jeroch, H., Matzke, W., Ristic, M., Germany
B-15 Nutritive value of dehulled canola meal
Campbell, L.D., Simbaya, J., Zhang, W., Slominski, B.A., Guenter, W., Canada
B-16 Performance of broiler chicks and laying hens fed diets containing rapeseed meal from a low-glucosinolate variety kulta (Brassica campestris cv.)
Kiiskinen, T., Finland
B-17 Rapeseed meal and naked oats in laying hen diets 
Aimonen, E., Finland
B-18 The influence of variations in seed size and hull content on composition and digestibility of rapeseed 
Jensen, S.K., Liu, Y-G., Eggum, B.O., Denmark
B-19 Nutrient digestibility and metabolizable energy of rapeseed products in pigs
Schöne, F., Lüdke, H., Schneider, A., Kirchheim, U., Germany
B-20 The influence of feeding rapeseed to pigs on growth performance and on the composition of back fat and intra-muscular fat 
Kracht, W., Jeroch, H., Matzke, W., Nurnberg, K., Ender, K., Schumann, W., Germany
B-21 Nutritive value of rape-seed meal measured in a fattening diet for bulls
Mayombo, A.P., Van Calster, P., Marlier, M., Wathelet, J-P., Istasse, L., Belgium
B-22 Glucosinolate degradation of rapeseed meal in the rumen of bulls 
Wathelet, J-P, Marlier, M., Mayombo, A.P., Istasse, L., Belgium
B-23 Chemical and biological evaluation of rapeseed meals, derived from 5 countries, obtained with different processing procedures
Rakowska, M., Ochodzki, P., Poland
B-24 Does the protein bound to dietary fibre influence the nutritional value of rapeseed meals ? 
Ochodzki, P., Rakowska, M., Poland
B-25 Studies on intestinal tract glucosinolate content, xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes and thyroid status in germ-free and conventional rats fed rapeseed meal
Campbell, L.D., Slominski, B.A., Nugon-Baudon, L, Rabot, S., Lory, S., Quinsac, A., Ribaillier, D., Quinsac, A.,Krouti, M., Canada & France
B-26 Glucosinolate degradation by bacterial strains isolated from a human intestinal microflora 
Rabot, S., Guérin, C., Nugon-Baudon, L., Szylit, O., France

Technical Session C : Agronomy  

C-l Agronomic management of the new ‘hybrid-line composite' varieties
Reau, R., Colson, J., Pinochet, X., France
C-2 Winter oilseed rape establishment methods on clay soils 
Bowerman, P., Chambers, B.J., Jones, A.E., UK
C-3 Canola responds to nitrogen and sulphur in New South Wales 
Good, A.J., Hocking, P., Pinkerton, A., Colton, R.J., Australia
C-4 Assessing the risk of sulphur deficiency in oilseed rape
McGrath, S. P.,Zhao, F., UK
C-5 Sulphur supply and stress resistance in oilseed rape
Schnug, E., Haneklaus, S. Booth, E., Walker, K.C., Germany/Scotland UK
C-6 Post harvest operations and quality of rapeseed 
Stepniewski, A., Szot, B., Poland
C-7 La Charte Environnement du colza énergétique en France 
Messean, A., Reau, R., Wagner, D., France
C-8 A comparison of input levels for oilseed rape 
Cook, S. K., Jones, A.E., Green, M., UK
C-9 Rapeseed breeding at the University of Idaho
Brown, J., Davis, J.B., Erickson, D.A., Brown, A.P., Seip, L., USA
C-10 Under-sowing of winter rapeseed in cereals 
Augustinussen, E., Denmark
C-11 Effect of seed source on sowing quality and yield of canola
Salisbury, P.A., Ballinger, D.J., Robson, D.J., Murray, L, Potier, T.D., Wratten, N., Australia
C-l2 Effect of fertilizer/seed spread width on canola 
Mayko, J.J., Bessel, J.H, Underwood, N.J., Canada
C-13 Effect of the seed calibration on some properties of the Winter rapeseed plants 
Baranyk, P., Kadlec, T., Czech Republic
C-14. Plant development and yield of Winter oilseed rape as influenced by time of sowing, variety and seed rate
Schulz, R-R., Germany
C-15 Response to nitrogen of oilseed rape protected and unprotected against insects 
Jankowski, K., Ojczyk, T., Musnicki, C.Z., Kotecki, A., Poland
C-16 Petiole nitrate nitrogen; its potential as an indictor of the nitrogen status of irrigated canola 
Bernardi, A.L., Banks, L.W.,Hocking, P., Australia
C-l7 The effect of forecrop on the soil mineral nitrogen content and fertiliser rates for rape
Vanek, V., Balik J., Tlustos, P., Pavlikova, D., Czech Republic
C-l8The dynamics of nitrogen uptake by different varieties of rape 
Balik, J., Prochazka, J., Baranyk, P., Pribyl, J. Czech Republic
C-19 Varietal differences in sulphur uptake and utilization in relation to glucosinolate accumulation in oilseed rape
Zhao, F.J., Evans, E.J., Bilsborrow, P.E., UK
C-20 Investigations on the role of glucosinolates as a sulphur reserve for the rape plant 
Marquard, R., Meuthen, B., Germany
C-21 Improving the prediction of sulphur deficiency in Winter oilseed rape in the UK
Withers, P.J.A., Evans, E.J., Bilsborrow, P.E., Milford, G.F.J. Zhao. F., Walker, K.C., UK
C-22 The effects of sulphur and nitrogen on the yield and quality of oilseed rape in the UK
Bilsborrow, P.E., Evans, E.J., Milford, G.F.J., Fieldsend, J.K., UK
C-23 Influence of sulphur fertilisation on seed yield and seed quality of double low oilseed rape
Budzynski, W., Ojczyk, T., Poland
C-24 Significance of soil water dynamics for the sulphur balance of oilseed rape
Schnug, E., Bloem, E., Haneklaus, S., Germany
C-25 Influence of nutrient supply on heavy metal accumulation in oilseed rape
Padecken, K., Helal, H M., Schnug, E., Germany
C-26 Relationship between sulphur supply and glutathione concentration in vegetative tissue of oilseed rape
Haneklaus, S., Borchers, A., Schnug, E., Aust, H.J., Germany
C-27 Sulphur deficiency in oilseed rape flowers - symptomatology, biochemistry and ecological impact 
Schnug, E., Haneklaus, S. Germany
C-28 Recovery of field grown canola from sulphur deficiency
Hocking, P.J., Pinkerton, A., Good, A.J., Australia
C-29 Critical periods of sulphur nutrition of canola 
Pinkerton, A., Hocking, P.J., Wang, Q., Australia
C-30 A preliminary assessment of KCL-40. Sulphur soil test - for canola 
Good, A.J., McRae, D., Blair, G.J., Australia
C-31 Yield and oil content of Winter rape in conditions of phosphorus and boron foliar application
Krauze, A., Bowszys, T., Poland
C-32 Zinc responses in oilseed rape (Brassica napus) 
Bell, R. W., Hu, D., Xie, Z., Australia
C-33 Diagnosis of zinc deficiency in canola plants (Brassica napus cv Eureka) by plant analysis
Huang, L, Bell, R.W, Hu, D., Australia/China
C-34 A provisional nitrogen balance method for Winter rapeseed Spring fertilization
Reau, R., Sauzet, G., Wagner, D., France
C-35 Brassica napus, other crops, and fertilizer nitrogen influence on the performance of wheat in rotation
Guy, S.O. Gareau, RM., Heikkinen, M.K., USA
C-36 Changes in mechanical properties of dried rapeseed
Stepniewski, A., Szot, B., Fornal, J., Sadowska, J., Poland
C-37 Harvesting time and strength features of rapeseed 
Szot, B., Stepniewski, A., Poland
C-38 Direct combining of canola in Western Canada 
Bessel J.H., Mayko, J.J., Underwood, N.J., Canada
C-39 Effects of stage of swathing on Spring Brassica napus canola in Western Canada 
Underwood, N.J., Bessel, J.H., Mayko, J.J., Dowell, B., Hastie, G., Canada
C-40 Interrelationships between quality factors and yield in Canadian canola from harvest surveys, 1956 to 1994
Daun.J.K., DeClercq, D.R., Canada
C-41 Effects of swathing on yield and quality of Spring canola (Brassica napus) in the Pacific Northwest
Brown, J., Erickson, D.A., Davis, J.B., Brown, A.P., USA
C-42Mechanical properties of oilseed rape pods relating to seed loss by dehiscence at harvest
Bruce, DM., Hobson, R.N., UK
C-43 Double low Winter and Spring rapeseed production Systems in the Pacific Northwestern United States: trials, challenges and progress
Thostenson, A.A., USA
C-44 Challenges of Local Resource Management (LRM) for sustainable oilseed rape production
Schnug, E., Haneklaus, S., Germany
C-45 Evaluation of the spatial variability of seed yield and its application to the improved use of natural resources and inputs in oilseed rape production
Haneklaus, S., Ruhling, I., Schnug, E., Germany
C-46 The potential for Winter turnip rapeseed in the UK
Green, C., UK
C-47 Data collection on rapeseed production for the advisory service in Upper Austria
Krumphuber, Ch., Brandstetter, H., Bonner, U., Austria
C-48 Anbau von Winterraps in der Tschechischen Republik im Laufe der ökonomischen Transformation
Fabry, A., Vasak, J., Filipek, L., Baranyk, P., Czech Republic
C-49 Comparison of historical varieties of rapeseed and canola in Australia
Potter, T., Salisbury, P.A., Ballinger, D.J., Wratten, N.,Mailer, R.J., Australia
C-50 Effects of water deficiency on soil-plant-water relations in canola
Fioretti, M.N., Brevedan, R.E., Baioni, S.S., Luayza, G., Palomo, R.I.,Polci, P., Argentina
C-51 Effect of nitrogen, planting pattern and plant population on productivity of safflower and Indian rape intercropping 
Bohra, J.S. , India

Technical Session D 

Breeding and Biotechnology: Oil Quality 

D-l REVIEW: Developments in the breeding of edible oil in Brassica napus and B.rapa
Scarth. R., Canada
D-2 Modification of linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid levels in spring turnip rape by long-term selection
Laakso, I., Seppänen-Laakso, T., Hiltunen, R. Hovinen, S, Finland
D-3 Breeding of high oleic acid spring turnip rape in Finland
Vilkki, J.P., Tanhuanpää, P.K., Finland
D-4 Development of high oleic acid winter rapeseed
Rücker, B. Röbbelen, G., Germany
D-5 Development of DNA-based markers for low linolenic acid content in rapeseed
Hu, J., Quiros, C., Struss, D. Röbbelen, G., USA/Germany
D-6 Selection on pollen for rapeseed oil quality in polyunsaturated fatty acids 
Jourdren, C., Renard, M., France
D-7 Evaluation of Japanese rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) germplasm for fatty acid composition and glucosinolates contents
Ishida M., Chiba, I., Kato, M., Takahata, Y., Kaizuma, N., Japan
D-8 REVIEW: Developments in the breeding of edible oil in other Brassica species
Rakow, G., Canada
D-9 Inter and intraspecific differences in the variability and correlation of seed oil fatty acids in Brassicaceae
Rudloff, E., Germany
D-10 Modification of Brassica seed oil fatty acid composition utilizing interspecific crossing 
Raney, P., Rakow, G., Olson, T., Canada
D-11 Development of zero erucic, low linolenic Brassica juncea utilizing interspecific crossing 
Raney, P., Rakow, G., Olson, T., Canada
D-12 Development of low erucic, low glucosinolate Sinapis alba
Raney, P., Rakow, G., Oison, T., Canada
D-13 A wild Brassiceae material from China: genomic constitution and a new source of the gene for low erucic acid content 
Chen, B.Y., Cheng, B.F., Heneen, W.K., Jonsson, A., Sweden
D-14 Obtainment of EMS-induced mutants in Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata Braun.) 
Velasco, L, Fernandez-Martinez, J.M., De Haro, A., Del Rio, M., Spain
D-15 Selection for better agronomical and nutritional characteristics in Indian rapeseed-mustard
Agnihotri.A., Kaushik, N., Singh, N.K.. Agnihotri.A., Raney, J.P.,Downey, R.K., India/ Canada
D-16/1 Field performance of canola quality Brassica juncea 
Rakow, G, Raney, J.P., Males, D., Canada
D-16/2 Introgression of "00" quality characters in Brassica Juncea cv Pusa Bold
Malode, S.N., Swamy, R.V., Khalatkar, A.S., India
D-16/3 Improved quality of oil and meal in Indian mustard
Tïwari, A.S., India
D-17 REVIEW: Development in the breeding of rapeseed oil for industrial purposes
Friedt, W., Luhs, W., Germany
D-18 Breeding of high-erucic acid rapeseed by means of Brassica napus resynthesis 
Ltihs, W., Friedt, W., Germany
D-19Development of high erucic, low glucosinolate Sinapis alba
Raney, P., Rakow, G., Oison, T., Canada
D-20 Manipulating fatty acid composition in Brassica napus : l-acyl-sn-glycerol-3-phosphate acyl transferase from Limnanthes douglassii
Brough, C.L, Brown, A.P., Kroon, J.T.M., Slabas, A.R., Coventry, J., Barsby, T.L., UK

D-21 Modification of the oil profile of oilseed rape by somatic hybridisation
Craig, A., Millam, S., UK
D-22 Expression of medium-chain acyl-[ACP] thioesterases in transgenic rapeseed
Martini, N., Schell, J., Töpfer, R., Germany
D-23 Molecular analysis of genes and enzymes controliing key steps in the synthesis of storage triacylglycerols in Brassica
Elborough, K., Fawcett, T., Simon, W., Winz, W., Swinhoe, R., Slabas, A., Rice, D., Rafferty, M.,Stuitje, T., UK
D-24 Synthesis of storage oil by developing seeds by Brassica napus L 
Hills, M.J., Hobbs, D.,Lacey, D.L, UK
D-25 The use of cloned rapeseed genes for the cytoplasmic fatty acid desaturases and the plastid acyl-ACP thioesterases to alter relative levels of polyunsaturated and saturated fatty acids in rapeseed oil 
De Bonté, L.R., Chen, Z.Z., Hitz, W.D., Mauvais, C.J., Ripp, K.G.,Reiter, R.S., USA
D-26 Trierucin biosynthesis in transgenic rapeseed : cloning and expression of cDNAs encoding an erucoyl-CoA specific acyltransferase
Wolter, F.P., Hanke, C, Eickelkamp, A.,Frentzen, M., Germany
D-27 Characterization of the purified C18:1-COA elongase from developing rapeseeds (Brassica napus L.)
Creach, A., Domergue, F., Lessire, R., France
D-28 Genes for the improvement of the storage oil content of Brassica napus
Tôpfer, R., Hausmann, L., Voetz, M., Walek, J., Schell, J.,Martini, N., Germany

Technical Session E : Physiology

E-l REVIEW: Physiological basis of seed yield and quality in oilseed rape. 
Mendham, N.J.
E-2 The relationship between canopy structure and yield in oilseed rape.
McWilliam, S.C, Stafford.J.A., Scott, R.K., Norton.G. Stokes.D.T., Sylvester-Bradley, R.
E-3 Effect of a water stress applied at different growth stages to Brassica napus L. var. oleifera : I -Effect on yield and yield components. 
Champolivier, L., Merrien, A.
E-4 Evaluation of the effects of apetalous flowers and upright pods on seed yield using doubled haploid lines.
Fray, M.J., Evans, E.J., Kelly, A., Arthur, A.E., Lydiate, D.J.
E-5 Control of carbon partitioning to storage products in developing oilseed embryos. 
Rawsthorne, S., Kang. F., Eastmond, P.J, Morgan, CL.,Deka, R.K.
E-6 Biochemical and developmental processes associated with pod shatter in oilseed rape. 
Child, R.D., Ulvskov, P., Borkhardt, B. Van Onckelen, H., Prinsen, E.,Chauvaux, N.
E-7 Chlorophyll clearing in developing canola seed. 
McGregor, D. I.
E-8Stem extension in winter oilseed rape 
Fisher, N.M., Walker, K.C.
E-9 Effects of prochloraz on the physiology of oilseed rape.
Stafford, J.A., Norton, G. Scott, R.K., Stokes, D.T., Doughty, K.J.,Russell, P.E.
E-10 Temperature effects at flowering on photosynthesis and yield of Winter oilseed rape. 
Triboi-Blondel, A-M., Lardon, A.
E-l1 Genetic and ontogenic variation for storage product composition in diverse accessions of Brassica juncea 
Morgan, CL., Rawsthorne, S.
E-12 Incidences of the lack of petals on the pollination of rapeseed by honeybees. 
Pierre, J., Renard, M.
E-l3 Female fertility in rapeseed
Mittempergher, F., Ferranti, F., Romano, B., Keijzer, C.J., Van Went, J.L.
E-14 Effect of periodic drought, nitrogen rates and pH of soil on seed yieid, fat and protein contents of Winter oilseed rape.
Barszczak, T., Barszczak, Z
E-15 Physical, chemical and biological properties of winter rape seeds during the period of ripening. 
Zukalova, H., Vasak, J.
E-16 Localization of phenolic compounds in columella of canola embryo during imbibition and germination of seeds. 
Zobel, A.M., Wronka, M., Kuras, M., Tykarska, T.
E-17 Phenolic compounds in the covering tissue of the canola embryo during embryogenesis. 
Zobel, A.M., Lynch, J., Iwanowska, A., Kuras, M., Tykarska, T.,Schnug, E.
E-18 Effect of the seed ripeness on the quality of crude rapeseed oil.
Cmolik, J., Schwarz, W., Svoboda, Z, Pokorny, J., Reblova, Z., Farnikova, L, Pudil, F., Holasova, M.
E-19 Die Ölgehalt von Winterraps (Brassica napus L var. napus) beeinflussende Faktoren. 
Vasak, J., Zukalova, H., Fabry, A., Miksik, V., Preiningerova, J.
E-20 Formation of free fatty acids in seed and developing embryos of Brassica napus.
Pomeroy, M.K., Khalyfa, A., Kleppinger-Sparace, K.F., Sparace, S.A.
E-21 Cinétique d'accumulation des acides gras chez le colza à haute teneur en acide erucique. 
Champolivier, L., Merrien, A.
E-22 Effect de la fertilisation azotée sur l'activité pep carboxylase dans le contrôle de l'accumulation de l'huile et des protéines pendant le développement des graines de colza. 
Tittonel, E.D., Kuchtova, P., Cinti, S., Palmieri, S.
E-23 Changes in the individual glucosinolate profile of double low oilseed rape as influenced by spring nitrogen application 
Bilsborrow, P.E., Evans, E.J.,Zhao, F.
E-24 Root development and nutrient utilisation by Brassica napus as affected by sulphur supply. 
Helal, H.M., Schnug, E., Gadalla, M.A., Abdelsamad, M.A.
E-25 Effect of water stress applied to Brassica napus L. var oleifera at different stages : II Effect on quality. 
Champolivier, L., Merrien, A.

Technical Session F
Crop Protection, Pests and Diseases : Biology and Effects

F-l Minimizing pesticide input in oilseed rape by exploiting natural regulatory processes 

Pickett, J.A., Butt, T. M., Doughty, K.J., Wallsgrove, RM., Williams, I.H.

F-2 Molecular analysis of the blackleg fungus Leptosphaeria maculans, the causal agent of blackleg of oilseed rape 

Howlett, B.J., Plummer, KM., Williams, R.S.B., Davis, M.A.

F-3 Cabbage aphid Brevicoryne brassicae (L.), as a pest of oilseed rape crops 

Kelm, M., Godomski, H.

F-4 Oilseed rape: development of stem canker (Leptosphaeria maculans) and its effect on yield 

Sansford, C.

F-5 Factors determining the distribution of the Brassica pod midge {Dasineura brassicae Winn.) 

Hughes, J.M., Evans, K.A.

F-6 Influence of growth stages and incubation conditions on initiation of stagheads in Albugo candida infected Brassica juncea plants 

Goyal, B.K., Verma, P.R.

F-7 Prevalence of club root (Plasmodiophora brassicae) in a spring oilseed rape growing area in central Sweden 

Wallenhammar, A-C.

F-8 Growth and yield of oilseed rape (Brassica napus) under fungal disease epidemies of different intensities 

Doughty, K.J., Petinon, S., McCartney, H.A.

F-9 'Early wilting' of winter oilseed rape caused by abiotic factors and secondary pathogens in the spring of 1994 in Northern Germany 

Steinbach, P., Garbe, V., Amelung, D.

F-10 Effects of infection conditions on the incubation period of dark leaf spot (Alternaria brassicae) on oilseed rape (Brassica napus) 

Hong, C.X., Fitt, B.D.L

F-11 Effects of inoculum concentration and leaf age on the severity of dark leaf spot (Alternaria brassicae) on oilseed rape (Brassica napus) 

Hong, C.X., Fitt, B.D.L

F-12 Infection of oilseed rape by Alternaria brassicae under varying conditions of temperature and wetness 

Kennedy, R., Graham, A.

F-13 Release of isothiocyanates from Brassica rapa seedlings during infection by Alternaria brassicae 

Blight M.M., Bock, C.H., Doughty, K.J., Fieldsend, J.K.,Pickett, J.A.

F-14 Studies on spore dispersal of Alternaria brassicae

Wadia, K.D.R., McCartney, H.A., Doughty, K.J.,Kushwaha, H.S.

F-15 Some metabolic changes induced by Alternaria brassicae in mustard leaves 

Barman, B., Baruah, B.K.; Chakravorti, B.P.

F-16 Pathogenicity of sirodesmin-deficient mutants of Leptosphaeria maculans 

Sock, J., Mennen, H.,Hoppe, H.H.

F-17 Characterization of weakly virulent mutants from the virulent strain of Leptosphaeria maculans 

Seguin-Swartz, G., Gugel, R.K., Pedras, M.S.C., Bansal. V.K., Taylor, J.L.

F-18 New phytotoxins from the blackleg fungus

Pedras, M.S.C., Taylor, J.L., Morales, V. M.

F-19 High-performance liquid chromatographic analysis of phytotoxins from the blackleg fungus 

Pedras, M.S.C.,Sorensen, J.J.

F-20 Is Phoma nigrificans the potential pathogen of oilseed rape ? 

Jedryczka, M., Lewartowska, E., Frencel, I.

F-21 Examination of chosen aggressive pathotypes of Phoma lingam (Toda ex Fr.) Desm. obtained from resistant forms of Brassica napus L. 

Starzycki, M., Starzycka, E., Kachlicki, P., Jedryczka, M. , Pszczola, J.

F-22 Investigations of isolate variability of Pyrenopeziza brassicae Sutton & Rawlinson (anamorph: Cylindrosporium concentricum Greville), the pathogen of light leaf spot on oilseed rape

Beineke, M., Paul, V.H.,Schlösser, E.

F-23 Oilseed rape: development of stem rot (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) and its effect on yield

Sansford, C.

F-24 The relationship between time of development of apothecia and appearance of symptoms of Sclerotinia stem rot in the southeastern USA 

Phillips, D.V.,Raymer, P.L.

F-25 The rise and fall of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, the cause of stem rot of oilseed rape in the UK 

Turner, J.A., Hardwick, N.V.

F-26 Results on preservation, disease resistance and aggressiveness of Peronospora parasitica on winter oilseed rape 

Klodt-Bussmann, E., Paul, V.H.

F-27 Virulence of diploid and haploid strains of Verticillium dahliae Kleb. to oilseed rape and some other host plants 

Zeise, K.

F-28 A preliminary study on Verticillium dahliae Kleb. in winter oilseed rape in Poland 

Zielinski D.,Sadowski, C.

F-29 Virulence of isolates of Albugo candida from Western Canada to Brassica species 

Mathur, S., Wu, C.R.,Rimmer, S.R.

F-30 Differentiation of races and isolates of Albugo candida by random amplification of polymorphic DNA 

Wu, C.R., Mathur, S.,Rimmer, S.R.

F-31 Epidemiology of white leaf spot (Mycosphaerella capsellae) on winter oilseed rape. 

Inman, A.J., Fitt, B.D.L., Evans, R.L.

F-32 Virus diseases on rapeseed: distribution in the plants, effects on yield, and cartography in France 

Maisonneuve, C., Deverchère, J., Pilorgé, E.

F-33 The effects of Beet Western Yellows virus on the growth and yield of oilseed rape
Jay, C.N., Smith, H.G.

F-34 Influence of insect damage on the infestation degree of blackleg 
Garbe, V.

F-35 Effects of early and late season insect pests on Brassica crops in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.
Brown, J., McCaffrey, J.P., Davis, J.B., Erickson, D.A., Brown, A.P.,Harmon, B.L.

F-36 Changes in growth and yield parameters of winter rape plants as a result of injury by the stem weevil {Ceutorhynchus quadridens) 
Kelm, M., Walczak, B.,Williams, I.H.

F-37 Acoustic communication in three rapeseed weevils of the genus Ceutorhynchus
Lerin, J.,Andrieu, A.-J.

F-38 Interactions between the cabbage seed weevil {Ceutorhynchus assimilis Payk.) and the Brassica pod midge {Dasineura brassicae Winn.) infesting oilseed rape pods.
Ferguson, A.W., Kenward, M.G., Williams, I.H., Clark, S.J., Kelm, M.,Dudzic, A.

F-39 Life cycle of Baris coerulescens Scopoli (coleoptera: curculionidae): emergence pattern and overwintering survival. 
Ballanger, Y., Toustou, E., Daguin, E.

F-40 Induced changes in the chemical composition of oilseed rape vegetative tissue in response to artificial and turnip root fly (Delia floralis) damage. 
Griffiths.D.W., Birch, A.N.E., MacFarlane Smith, W.H.

F-41 Effect of aphid injury and control on canola seed yield and quality in the southern United States. 
Buntin, G.D.

Crop Protection Section, Programme 

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