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12th IRC Wuhan China, 2007 Vol 3


12th IRC, Wuhan, China,March 26-30,2007- Volume 3



Studies on rapeseed production and cultivation science & technology in China
WANG Hanzhong, GUAN Chunyun, ZHANG Chunlei 2
Integrated management systems for canola (Brassica napus L.)

K. Neil Harker, George W. Clayton, John T. O’Donovan, Robert E. Blackshaw, Stewart Brandt, Eric N. Johnson, Lloyd M. Dosdall, T. Kelly Turkington, Elwin G. Smith 8
Reducing agricultural inputs in high erucic Brassicaceae: preliminary results
F. Zanetti, T. Vamerali, G. Mosca 11
Accumulation of oil and protein in seeds of canola (Brassica napus L.) varieties at different sowing dates
Ping Si 15
Study on high-yielding cultivation model for Brassica Napus L. 
YANG Guozheng, ZHANG Yan, WANG Ruiqing,YAO Yanli, SONG Zheng 18
Winter type rapeseed varieties performance under rain-fed and irrigation in mid-west cold areas of Iran.
Akhtar Beg, Seyyed Saeid Pourdad 22
Studies on feasibility of expanding winter rapeseed northwards into dry, cold regions in Northwest China.
SUN Wancang, MA Weiguo, LEI Jianmin, WANG Heling, LIU Qin, FAN Huiling, YANG Renyi, WANG Xuefang, YE Jian, ZENG Jun, ZHANG Yahong, KANG Yanli, GUO Xiujuan, WEI Wenhui,YANG Jie, LU Xiuxia 26
Comparisons of yield potential in spring and autumn sowing cultivation of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) 
Young Seok Jang, Cheul Woo Kim, In Hoo Choi, Jin Ki Bang 30
Effects of crop management on fatty acid profile of low-linolenic varieties
A. Baux, D. Pellet 33
The effect of sowing season on seeds germination characteristics of 12 cultivars of spring rapeseed.
Lotfifar Omid, Akbari GH.Ali, Sadatnouri Ahmad, Shirani Rad Amirhosein, Mottaghi Samaneh, Mottaghi Leila 37
The potential of canola quality (Brassica napus L.) as a new winter oil crop in Egypt.
B. B. Mekki 41
Japan-China technical cooperation for rapeseed production in Hubei, China.
Shoji Miyazaki, FU Tingdong, WU Jiangsheng, LI Guangming, LI Yunchang, WU Changsheng 45
The Brassica crops yield potential in the south of Russia
S. L. Gorlov 49
Improving harvest index in oilseed rape (Brassica napus) through modifying canopy architecture
Colin Morgan, Rachel Wells, *Paul Bilsborrow, *Berta Miro, **Mark Nightingale, Ian Bancroft 52
Effects of planting date on seed oil yield quantity and quality of four canola (Brassica napus L.) cultivars 
Seyed Ali Mohammad Modares Sanavy, Gholamreza Daneshgar 56
Response of yield and yield components of rapeseed to seeding rates in dryland conditions.
Alireza Zebarjadi, Mokhtar Ghobadi Hossein Hatamzadeh, Akhtar Beg 59
The effect of low irrigation in growth stages on yield and components yield oilseed rape cultivars in sistan
H. R. Fanaei, A. GHanbari bonjar, M. R. Naroui Rad, H. Akbarimoghaddam, GH. A. Keykha 61
The effect of planting date and seed rate on yield and components yield on oilseed rape cultivars in Sistan
H. R. Fanaei, M. R. Naroui Rad, A. GHanbari bonjar, H. Akbarimoghaddam, GH. A. Keykha 64
The potentiality of rape as an oil crop in Egypt covering the gape of import of fat and oil commodities
Mahmoud K. Tahoun 67
The new cultivation models and profit analysis of oilseed rape
WU Changsheng, CHEN Aiwu, TIAN Xinchu, DUAN Zhihong, TU Yong 72
Effect of planting patterns on shoot and seed yields of a new dual-purpose rapeseed cultivar Xiangzayou 780
CHEN Sheyuan, GUAN Chunyun, WANG Guohuai, LI Xun, LIU Zhong Song 74
The effect of storekeeping in germination stage on seeds germination of 12 cultivars of spring rapeseed 
Lotfifar Omid, Mottaghi Samaneh, Akbari Gh. Ali, Sadadnoori Ahmad, Shirani Rad Amirhosein, Hyaee Abdoreza 77
The effects of sowing date on fatty acid synthesis of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)
HU Liyong, LIU Zhiqiang, FU Tingdong 80
Possibilities for utilization of oilseed rape meal as protein feed
Ana Marjanovic-Jeromela, Radovan Marinkovic, Vojislav Mihailovic, Dragana Miladinovic, Aleksandar Mikic, Dragan Milic 85
Enhancing rapeseed -mustard production in South Asia: problems and strategies
P.R.Kumar, Arvind Kumar 88
Performance of spring type canola (Brassica napus L.) varieties in semi cold midwest region of Iran
Sayyed Saeid Pourdad, Akhtar Beg 91
The provision of independent information on new oilseed rape varieties in the UK
G. J. Jellis, A. McVittie 94
Effect of planting date on canola phenology, yield and yield components
Mona Pouriesa, Majid Nabipour 97
Culturing colza in Gilan Province, the problems and solutions
Mohammad Motamed, Hamid Iran-nejad, Pooneh Piri 102
Study and demonstration on the cultivating techniques of rape mulching
YANG Qifeng, CHEN Qixian, XIONG Chunrong, ZHAO XIaowen 105
Prospects of rapeseed production in warm and cold dry-land areas of Iran
S. S. Pourdad 109
Application of “planting once and harvesting twice” technique in canola production
TIAN Xingchu, CHEN Aiwu, CHEN Lianhua, DUAN Zhihong, LI Minghui, PEN Ming 112
Agronomic performance and seed quality of a new source of yellow seeded Brassica oleracea
LI Jiana, YIN Jiaming, ZHOU Qingyuan, LIN Na, CHEN Li, CHEN Shuzhong 114
Application and prospect of lightened and simplified cultivation (LSC) in winter rapeseed production
XING Jun, LIU Lei 117
Influence of maturation regulators on mechanical properties of stems in rapeseed
Jerzy Tys, Roman Rybacki*, Henryk Stasiak** 121
Effect of seedling strengthening agent (SSA) on yield and quality
YAO Yanli, XU He,WANG Ruiqing, SONG Zheng, CAI Dongfang, YANG Guozheng 124
Cultivation technology of high-yielding and high quality maintaining of double-low rapeseed Suyou No. 1
XU Caikang, SUN Hua 127
The countermeasure of rapeseed industry advance in Anhui province
TONG Chengquan, NIU Yunsheng, ZHOU Kejin, HUANG Qiuyun, SONG Guoliang 130
Adaptation of oilseed mustard under Kenyan conditions
M. J. Mahasi, J. W. Kamundia 133
Yield response of canola to N-fertilization in the semiarid Argentinean pampa
H. R. Mirassón, R. E. Brevedan, I. R. Palomo, S. S. Baioni, M. N. Fioretti 136
Effect of sowing date and genotype on the yield, yield formation and root development of winter oilseed rape
Bodo Hofmann, Olaf Christen 139
The stimulation of winter rapeseed yield in a period of maturity
Vlastimil Mikšík, David Becka, Pavel Cihlár, Jan Vašák 143
Influence of growing intensity and variety on production markers and winter rapeseed quality (Brassica napus L. var. napus)
Jan Vašák, David Becka, Helena Zukalová, Vlastimil Mikšík, Pavel Cihlár 146
Lower and higher input crop management in oilseed rape – influence on yield and some another important properties
Petr Baranyk, Petr Zehnálek, Jan Kazda 149
Pilot production of High-oleic low-linolenic (HOLL) winter oilseed rape in Switzerland
A. Baux, P. Sergy, D. Pellet 151
Receiving of winter rapeseed constant yields under unsteady moistening
Zaitsev N. I. 154
Canola as affected by sowing date In Iran region
H. Omidi, H. R. Balouchi, K. Fasihi, S. M Seifi, A. Asari 156
The investigate of harvest date on grain losses in rapeseed genotypes
H. Omidi, Seyed Ali Mohammad Modares Sanavy 160
Investigations about sowing of oilseed rape with combine-seeder technique
Ralf-Rainer Schulz 166
Yield response of winter oilseed rape hybrids to sowing dates, nitrogen supply and fungicides in Northern Germany
A. Baer, J. Noack, M. Frauen 168
A research on mechanical characteristics of the rape stalk
LIAO Yitao, LIAO Qingxi, TIAN Boping, SHU Caixia, WANG Jing, MA Aili 172
Yield and yield components of two rapeseed cultivars as affected by plant population and seeding date
A. Samadi, M. J. Bahrani 177
Spatial mixed intercrops of rapeseed field 
YANG Liangjin, XIA Xiaojin, ZHANG Chunlei, TAO Wencai, YANG Xinhai, WANG Jingwei 179
Effect of different levels of plant density and time of nitrogen application on Canola oil quality and quantity (cultivar Hyola 401) in Ahvaz conditions
A. Danesh-Shahraki, S. M. Sayed Nezhad, M. Mesgarbashi, M. Koohi- Dehkordi 182
The effects of sowing date on plant survive rate and seeds yield of winter rapeseed (Brassica rapa) in Northwest China
ZENG Jun, SUN Wancang, MENG Yaxiong, FAN Huiling, GAI Yue, YE Jian, DAI Jianmin 186
Development of the culture of rapeseed Brassica napus L. in Argentina
Ings. Agrs. Iriarte L.B., O. E. Valetti, C. Appella 188


Soil Nutrition 

Effect of nitrogen levels on seed yield and quality parameters in Indian mustard genotypes
R. S. Bisht, R. S.Banga, Ashok Yadav, S. S. Bisht 192
Phosphorus and potassium accumulation by Brassica napus L., and effects of phosphorus and potassium deficiency late in the season
T. J. Rose, Z. Rengel, Q. Ma, J. W. Bowden 194
Semi-dwarf genotypes?a chance to reduce the N problem after oilseed rape?
Klaus Sieling, Henning Kage 198
Effect of phosphorus and potassium application on rapeseed yield and nutrients use efficiency
LU Jianwei, ZOU Juan, CHEN Fang 202
Effect of organic manure and neem coated urea on canola productivity
Virender Sardana 206
Effect of N application on N accumulation in seeds of Brassica napus L. cultivar “Yangyou No. 4”
ZUO Qingsong, LENG Suohu, XU Wangchun 209
About the significance of sulfur nutrition of oilseed rape for honey production
Silvia Haneklaus, Anja Brauer, Rolf Daniels, Elke Bloem, Ewald Schnug 213
Physical and chemical studies on some rapeseed varieties undr different levels of nitrogen fertilization
M. H. El-Kholy, M. M. El-Zeky, Sh. Z. Saleh, S. G. Metwaly 217
Boron uptake and distribution in two oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) cultivars with different boron efficiency and their plants grafted each other
GUO Lili, GENG Mingjian, SHI Lei, ZHAO Zhuqing, ZHU Duanwei 223
Study on nitrogen mobilization of senescence leaves under different nitrogen rate in winter rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)
LENG Suohu, ZUO Qingsong, SUI Dan 226
Nitrogen dynamics in field grown oilseed rape. Effect of nitrogen fertilization and genotype
Julie Gombert, Frédérik Le Dily, PhilippeEtienne, Philippe Lainé, Alain Ourry 231
Identification of a protease inhibitor (BnD22) involved in leaf senescence process of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)
Desclos M., Le Gou L., Etienne P., Bonnefoy J., Simon L., Le Dily F., Ourry A., Avice J. C. 235
Effect of different combination of NPK on yield and quality of Brassica napus L.
WANG Ruiqing, CAI Dongfang, SONG Zheng, YAO Yanli, YANG Guozheng 240
Influence of nitrogen and sulfur on seed yield and quality of hybrid canola
Virender Sardana, A.K. Atwal 243
Variation in growth rate and seed yield of Brassica juncea genotypes as affected by nitrogen levels
R. S. Banga, R. S. Bisht, Ashok Yadav 246
Predicting nitrogen status of oilseed rape based on Vis-NIR spectroscopy 
HUANG Min, HE Yong, ZHOU Weijun, CEN Haiyan 248


Crop Physiology

Differences of nitrogen efficiency of rapeseed cultivars and their physiological properties
SONG Haixing, GUAN Chunyun, LIU Qiang, RONG Xiangmin, CHEN Sheyuan, PENG Jianwei, XIE Guixian 253
Abscisic acid and kinetin seed treatments improved germination characteristics of aged seeds in canola cultivars (Brassica napus) under water stress
Reza Tavakkol-Afshari, Saeideh Rashidi 257
Parameterizing a simple model of photosynthetic active radiation absorption by complex aerial structures of oilseed rape resulting from genotype x nitrogen interactions
J.-M. Allirand, A. Jullien, A. Fortineau, A. Savin, B. Ney 261
Physiological constraints to productivity in Indian mustard (B. juncea L. Czern & Coss.)
M. L. Chhabra, B. K. Sinha, Dhiraj Singh, Kamal Dhawan, Rajesh Sharma 265
Effect of different nitrogen nutrition on the quality of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) stressed by drought
HU Liyong, CHENG Hao, ZHOU Guangsheng, FU Tingdong 269
The interactive effect of the elevated CO2 and moisture stress on the photosynthesis in Brassica leaves at different canopy positions 
Neeta Dwivedi 273
Ultra low frequency electromagnetic field in function of rapeseed yield
Branko Marinkovic,Radovan Marinkovic, Ana Marjanovic-Jeromela, Jovan Crnobarac, Miroslav Grujic, Goran Jacimovic 277
Quantitative determination of the strength of rapeseed pod dehiscence
TAN Xiaoli, ZHANG Jiefu, ZHANG Zhiyan, ZHOU Jia, JIANG Song, QI Cunkou, LI Jiayang 280
The effects of various environmental conditions on winter rapeseed cultivars: determining the Crown Cell Membrane Stability (CCMS), quantity and quality of seed yield correlations
Madani Hamid, Nour Mohammadi Ghorban, Majidi Islam, Shirani Rad Amirhosein, Naderi Mohammad Reza 284
Preliminary results on growing oilseed rape and other brassicas for forage
Vojislav Mihailovic, Pero Eric, Ana Marjanovic-Jeromela, Radovan Marinkovic, Branko Cupina, Ðorde Krstic, Aleksandar Mikic 287
Study on C/N metabolism characteristics in yellow-seed rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) during seedling stage
ZHANG Zilong, LI Jiana, TANG Zhanglin, CHEN Li, WANG Rui, XU Xinfu 291
Studies on phenology and partitioning of biomass in taramira (Eruca sativa)
Yash Pal Yadav, Anil Kumar, J. S. Yadava 295
Alleviative effects of exogenous AsA on Cd intimidation of rape seedlings
JIANG Haidong, ZHOU Qin, ZHANG Pei, WANG Fuzheng 298
Preliminary studies on root morphological traits in Brassica napus L
MEI Desheng, LI Yunchang, HU Qiong, LI Yingde, XU Yusong 304
Oilseed rape leaves falling off depends on both leaf nitrogen content and transmitted radiation
J.-M. Allirand, A. Jullien, A. Savin, B. Ney 307
Carbon monoxide induces rapeseed seed germination
QI Weicong, SHEN Wenbiao, GUAN Rongzhan 311
The effect of low temperature during germination stage on seeds germination characteristics of 12 cultivars of spring rapeseed (Brasicca napus L.) 
Lotfifar Omid, Akbari Gh. Ali,Sadadnoori Ahmad,Shirani rad Amirhosein, Mottaghi Samaneh, Mottaghi Leila 316
Phytoremediative potential of Brassica napus L. - heavy metal tolerance and accumulation, phytochelatin system response and ?-glutamylcysteine synthetase genetic background
Przemyslaw Nuc, Konrad Wasinkiewicz, Katarzyna L. Janczur, Barbara Tomaszewska 319
The influence of the maturity regulators on the number of selected microorganisms groups settling rapeseed’s surface
Jerzy Tys, Stefania Jezierska-Tys, Magdalena Frac 324
The use of imidazolinone resistant Brassica napus L. followed by rotations of strip-tillage glyphosate resistant Gossypium hirsutum L. or Zea mays
L Timothy L. Grey, David Buntin, Paul Raymer 327 


Farming Systems and Ecology 

The optimization environment-friendly cultivation technology of spring oilseed rape under Latvia agroecological conditions
Lilija Borovko, Aivars Jermuss 331
Sustainability of winter oilseed rape cropping systems in NW Germany
Bernhard Wagner, Olaf Christen 335
Effects of temperature on low-linolenic rapeseed oil fatty-acid composition
A. Baux, T. Hebeisen, D. Pellet 339
Yield indices and profitability of wheat + mustard intercropping as influenced by row ratio, compact mustard variety and fertilizer use
J. S. Bohra, R. K. Srivastava, J. P. Singh, Kalyan Singh 343
The co-existence between GM and non GM oilseed rape: identification of critical points in two European contrasted regions
C. Sausse, A. Gauffreteau, N. Colbach, G. R. Squire, M. W. Young, M. Le Bail 347
Modelling nitrogen dynamics after growing winter oilseed rape in different cropping systems
Johannes Henke, Ulf Boettcher, Klaus Sieling, Henning Kage 351
Spring rape seed yield and quality as affected by the cultivation year and cropping system
Bronislava Butkute, Sarunas Antanaitis, Vytas Masauskas 355
Composition of glucosinolates in biomass of Brassica genus and their role in crop system
Helena Zukalová, Jan Vašák, Petr Kroutil, David Becka, Vlastimil Mikšík 359
Preliminary study on corn-rapeseed rotation system in Liaoning Province
HE Yutang, QIAN Jianhua, XIE Yumei, YUE Dewu, CHEN Xingkui 363
Analysis and evaluation of nitrogen cycles in different winter oil seed rape cropping systems of NW Germany
Bernhard Wagner, Klaus Sieling, Henning Kage, Olaf Christen 365
Winter rapeseed oil content variability at an agricultural cooperative supplying area scale
Luc Champolivier, Jérôme Thibierge, Jean-Marie Larcher, Etienne Pilorgé 369
Crop residue amount and distribution in direct seeding: influence on emergence, yield and yield components of spring rapeseed
F. García, F. J. López, P. A. Casquero 372
Autumnal N fertilization of late sown oilseed rape after minimum tillage
Klaus Sieling, Henning Kage 375
Fatty acids characters and grain yield of Brassica napus L. as affected by tillage systems and sowing date
H. Omidi, Z. Tahmasebi Sarvestani, A. Ghalavand, S. A. M. Modarres Sanavy, Ha Omidi 379
Yield, yield components and soil characters Brassica napus L. as affected by tillage systems and sowing date
H. Omidi, Z. Tahmasebi Sarvestani, A. Ghalavand, S. A. M. Modarres Sanavy 385
Characters and grain yield of Brassica napus. L as affected by tillage systems and sowing date
H. Omidi, Z. Tahmasebi Sarvestani, A. Ghalavand, S. A. M. Modarres Sanavy, Kamal Sadat Smailian 391
Breeding and testing winter oilseed rape varieties for conservation tillage systems
A. Baer, J. Noack, M. Frauen 397
Study on the character of climate warming and northward movement of winter rapeseed in dried and cold areas in Northwest China
WANG Heling, WANG Runyuan, LU Dengrong, NIU Junyi, SUN Wancang 401
Mustard (Brassica juncea): agood option for diversification of rice-wheat system under irrigated ecosystem of north eastern plain zone of India
J. S. Bohra, R. K. Singh, Yogeshwar Singh 405
Straw mulching effects on agro-ecosystem and yield components of rapeseed (B.napus) under no-tillage condition
ZHOU Kejin, XING Jun, LIU Lei, LU Wei, SONG Guoliang 409


Digital Agriculture 

Is it possible to simulate rapeseed organ mass in relation to N nutrition? Calibration of the functional-structural model GREENLAB for the oilseed rape Brassica napus L. during the vegetative phase for two nitrogen nutrition levels
A. Jullien, J.-M. Allirand, P.-H. Cournède, A. Matthieu, P. de Reffye, B. Ney 414
Intelligent decision support system for rapeseed production
LIAO Guiping, GUNA Chunyun, CHEN Sheyuan 418
Evaluating of biophysical variables to identify suitable areas for rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) in Central and West South Iran by GIS approach
A. Ghasemi Pirbalouti, Gh. Normohammadi, Gh. A. Kamali, A. Aieneh Band, J. Porhemmat, A. Abdollahi, A. R. Golparvar 422
Crop management for optimal low-linolenic rapeseed oil production Field experiments and modelling
A. Baux, N. Colbach, D. Pellet 424
Farmstar-Rapeseed: a decision support system for rapeseed nitrogen fertilization based on satellite data
Luc Champolivier, Thierry Fourty, Hervé Poilvé, Grégoire Sigel, Julien Charbonnaud, Etienne Pilorgé 428
Experiments and demonstrations on the rapeseed cultivation simulation-optimization decision support system
ZHANG Chunlei, CAO Hongxin, LI Jun, LIU Dan, LI Feng, ZHAO Yi, LI Guangming 432

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