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NEWSLETTER 16, May 2024

Greetings and welcome to GCIRC Newsletter #16, May 2024.

NEWSLETTER 15, July 2023 (copy 1)

Greetings and welcome to GCIRC Newsletter #15, July 2023.

NEWSLETTER 14, February 2023

Greetings and welcome to GCIRC Newsletter #14, February 2023.

NEWSLETTER 13, October 2022

Greetings and welcome to GCIRC Newsletter N°13, October 2022.

NEWSLETTER 12, June 2022

Greetings and welcome to GCIRC Newsletter N°12, June 2022.

NEWSLETTER 11, January 2022

Happy New Year and welcome to GCIRC Newsletter 11, January 2022!

NEWSLETTER 10, August 2021

Despite the covid crisis, time is going fast and rapeseed/canola research and GCIRC activities maintain quite well if we look at the number and quality of publications on various topics, and at the mobilization of GCIRC board and committees to organize our Technical Meeting and General Assembly, exceptionally online, for next September 28th-29th and 30th.

NEWSLETTER 9, February 2021

The COVID-19 pandemics is still ongoing and all of us must adapt to this situation.

NEWSLETTER 8, September 2020

Despite the prevailing Corona virus COVID 19, we still expect that the next GCIRC Technical Meeting (TM) will be organized and held in 2021.

NEWSLETTER 7, May 2020

Rapeseed – A major global oil and protein crop: today, in the near future and beyond.

NEWSLETTER 6, January 2020

2019 has been a very rich year for the GCIRC, with key steps in its life, with a very successful world congress and important evolutions in its statutes. The end of the year was also very rich for rapeseed science, with a large amount of publications, as you will notice in this newsletter. 2020 will be a transition period until the General Assembly in 2021, meaning that continuous work is needed to develop, communication and organize interactions through the GCIRC scientific Committees and in thematic working groups.

NEWSLETTER 5, October 2019

New name, new logo! This 5th issue of the GCIRC Newsletter will inform you on the post-congress news and events. A major one being our new logo, chosen by the GCIRC board to realize the decision of the General Assembly to change of name and moto, as explained in the previous issue of this newsletter.

NEWSLETTER 4, June 2019

Please find below the 4th issue of the GCIRC Newsletter that was sent to the 15th IRC participants in Berlin. This 4th issue will inform you about important decisions taken by the GCIRC General Assembly regarding the governance of the association and its wish to open it widely to new members, in order to increase its impact. Membership offers several benefits to people intersetd in rapeseed/canola research and innovation. Membership fees have been lowered to 75€ per year in order to facilitate applications.

NEWSLETTER 3, April 2019

The executive board of the GCIRC offers you this third issue of the GCIRC Newsletter. We hope you will enjoy reading news from producing countries and research teams of the world. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions to improve it, or if you wish to share information.

NEWSLETTER 2, January 2019

The GCIRC wishes you a happy new year and full success in your life and activities.

NEWSLETTER 1, October 2018

The executive board of the GCIRC jointly with the GCIRC committees chairs decided to publish a regular newsletter to share information and develop exchanges within the rapeseed / Canola community : here is the first issue.