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Congress proceedings

15th IRC Berlin Germany, 2019

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• Pan-genomic revolution in crucifer genetics and breeding (genome organisation, structural variation, plasticity
• New diversity, interspecific hybridization, wide crosses
• Improving plant development: plant architecture, phenology
• Genetics, physiological basis and improvement of resource use efficiency
• Genetics and breeding for improved seed composition for human and animal nutrition (oil, protein, minor components)
• Breeding for higher heterosis and hybrid yield in OSR/canola
• Transgenics and New Breeding Techniques (NBT) – applications in OSR/canola research and breeding
• Genomic selection in OSR/canola
• Breeding for abiotic stress tolerance in OSR/canola (cold, heat, drought, etc.)

• Major fungal and viral diseases, regional impact and measures of control (e. g. Blackleg, Clubroot, Sclerotinia, Verticillium, Alternaria, TuYV)
• Breeding for disease resistance
• Chemical protection against insect pests, safeguarding beneficials and non-target organisms (e. g. bees)
• Breeding for insect resistance or tolerance in OSR/canola
• Weed control in OSR/canola incl. herbicide resistance

• International comparison of OSR/canola cultivation
• Optimizing crop rotations for/with OSR/canola
• NUE – Nutrient use efficiency (N, P, other)
• Requirements of OSR/canola cultivation in temperate regions
• Identifying suitable variety types adapted to adverse conditions

• Economy in gross quality of OSR/canola commodities (long-time trend)
• Seed chemistry and seed composition
• Oil quality (low sats, omega-3, HOLLI, HEAR)
• Meal quality – protein and antinutritives (fibre, glucosinolates, phytate, sinapin): Genetic vs technological approach
• OSR/canola oil as biofuel

• OSR/canola oil for human nutrition
• Oil composition vs. stability and functionality – Quality requirements for oil from OSR/canola (minor components, sensoric aspects)
• “Fish oil“ (EPA, DHA) from crucifers (OSR/canola)
• Protein for human nutrition
• Politics, markets, consumer affairs (e. g. GMO)

• Requirements for the use of OSR/canola cake and extraction meal: breeders‘ and nutritionists‘ view
• Improvement of meal/protein quality for ruminants, pigs, poulty, and aquaculture
• Politics, markets, environment, acceptance (e. g. GMO)

• Global comparison of OSR/canola farm economy
• Optimizing farm economy with OSR/canola: Australia, Canada, China and Europe
• Global status of genetically modified or genome edited OSR/canola
• Global markets of OSR/canola oil (incl. biodiesel), meal and protein
• Sustainability of OSR/canola production